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SOLVED Nvidia and ATI should.......

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I think it would be really cool if ATI and Nvidia offered graphics cards just for the over clocker.They would have a 30day warranty void if you remove the stock cooling(Short warranty just to insure you don't get a doa).They would be bare card nothing else no cds,no cables,and no docs(would help keep the price down.The pcb would have some type of marking on it to show that it is a overclocking card and not a "boxed" video card.(Also helps prevent people from moding the card and then trying to send it back after they killed it)They would not be a cream of the crop gpus they would be like all the other cards they sell but sold in the fashion I listed above.Just my thoughts please add in your ideas.


Oct 15, 2002
that would rock. But im not sure how much mem they should go with. It would be great to see aq 256 mb card with DDR and like a 20.0 gb transfer rate. OMG that would rock. Isnt nvidia coming out wiht a new card called the nv30 or something? that might be more overclocker friendly...


Dec 20, 2000
BC Canada
Not to be a downer or anything, but most of those things happen already, they are called OEM's. I get the idea your trying to put across though. I thought of something simular myself, but then I realized that the overclocking community is so small that there wouldn't be any real money in it. Plus, if you think about it, companies don't want people to OC, because then they loose money. Why buy a Ti4600 if you can OC a Ti4200 to Ti4600 speeds for half the price?