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nvidia geforce256 too hot!!

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Jan 15, 2001
Hong Kong
i have a asus p3v4x mobo, a slot 1 pen 3 800eb processor and a nvidia geforce256 agp video card

the card is somehow affecting my cpu's temperature badly since it's right next to the cpu
i tried to stick something between the card and the cpu but it doesn't help
when i remvoe the card and use a pci card
the cpu temp drops a lot
i added a pci slot fan and it only helped a little

plz plz tell me how to cool down my card
hmmm, you could try using a card cooler kind of thing, you could try cutting a hole in the side of your case over the vid card/cpu and mounting a fan, you could use some kind of ducting and/or have some small fans (like 40-50mm or something) to direct the airflow... All I can think of, maybe someone else can think of something else
Go to Radio Shack and for $8 get their Pentium heatsink and fan combo. Use a little thermal paste then superglue that sucker on by using a tiny bit on 2-all 4 corners of the processor.

I've found that reversing the fan to pull heat away from the processor does not cool as good directly onto it, but will keep warm air away from your mainboard processor better. Still will cool better than stock so don't worry about that.