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Nvidia GeForce3 Ultra vs ATI Radeon R200 & Maxtor!

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
Nvidia GeForce3 Ultra
.13 Micron Technology
300MHz Core / 600MHz Memory (64MB/128MB)
Improved Vertex Shader but still not full DX8.1 support
1.2Gigapixel Fill Rate / 4.8Gigatixel Rate

ATI Radeon R200
.13 Micron Technology
300MHz Core / ?MHz Memory (64MB/128MB)
Full DirectX 8.1 Support for everything
1.2Gigapixel Fill Rate / 4.8Gigatixel Rate

There will be serious competition here folks! coming this September when everything launches!! Might I add that GeForce3 MX will come late August and I will get that to replace my RIVA128! :)

GeForce3 MX will feature
.15 Micron Technology
200MHz Core / 300MHz Memory (32MB/64MB)
800 Megapixel Fill Rate / 1.6 Gigatixel Rate
Same features as the (GeForce3) but with Twinview. :)

Last but not least, Maxtor will also ship the worlds fastest 7200rpm ATA100 Hard Drive and the World's largest ATA 100 Hard Drive in september!

Maxtor 7200?DX
30GB, 40GB, 60GB & 80GBytes
8.5ms access time

Maxtor 436DX
30, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 100GB & 120GBytes (8 Heads, 4 Disks for 120GB)
10.5ms access time

I don't know what I would put on a 120 GB of harddrive... maybe every know piece of recorded music in full-variable bitrate MP3... maybe start a superporn site with free access to anyone over 18... maybe just stick with my only 35% used 40GB 7200rpm IBM deskstar.