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Nvidia GeForce4 TI 4800?

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Jul 14, 2001
Edmonton, Alberta
With the rumors of AGP8X being built for Nvidia's current design of .15M GeForce technology, its gotten me wondering if they really will release a 4800 model.

It would make sence to bring the additional 25MHz to the GPU along with the additional 100MHz to the memory bringing the 4800 model to 325/750 Stock Clock Speed.

So then, by specs the GF4s should look like this;

TI 4800:
325MHz GPU 4/2 1.4Vertex (DX8.1) AGP8X
750MHz Memory

TI 4600:
300MHz GPU 4/2 1.4Vertex (DX8.1)
650MHz Memory

TI 4400:
275MHz GPU 4/2 1.4Vertex (DX8.1)
550MHz Memory

TI 4200:
250MHz GPU 4/2 1.3Vertex (DX8.0)
500MHz Memory

Remember how everyone including me was like, man the TI4200 will be the one!, but now, I wouldnt recommend it if your going for a TI model, I would go for the TI 4400 since it is the slowest with the 1.4Vertex builtin.

More to come lads...

actually I think any geforce4 with the exception of the mx supports agp 8x. I doubt there will be a faster one, if there is, you can bet its some vendor selling it as highly overclocked. very few can overclock so high. and 750MHz ram would cost like $500 and a 325MHz core would need a peltier or .13 microns. nvidia is having trouble getting the core to 300MHz thats why its so expensive