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NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Linux Benchmarks

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Jun 6, 2002

nice to see NV's newest dev board out, though i wish was lower. while it packs good HW for an SOC, NV could use this to make more head way into all-in-one linux computer. wiether it be lower cost for asian markets or here in the US/CA or even South America. i think the fact i can spend the same amount of money and have a better performing PC for gaming be it linux or windows says alot. still i get its a dev board but with a $200 US-D difference from verified student to retail, really? for that price either way, throw it in some plastic case that has NV branded all over it, dev student or retail. 3D printers has dropped in price so much im sure they could have come up with a nice case fast in cad for this board to kinda justify the price.

while their are other SOC arm based boards out there alot or near all of them dont come with the GPU this one has. though the cpu on others is an octo-core for even the most costly at around $59 for the odriod XU4. the only down side is the 2gig of ram and what might still be a decent video card for 3d on phones but wont match the NV pascal gpu with 256cuda cores.

if this was $599 for a all-in-one pc retail with a 24in 1080p screen and custom linux os with streaming apps, i would be all over this thing. running in its efficeny mode its still faster then the TX1 which is worth it. if any OEM is reading this, why havent yall used/or done something with this yet? using the cuda cores for decoding any and alll video you can do further power saving on the cpu side. i sure hope i can find a used one in the coming months would be fun to play with on linux and using steam or even with it running android os.