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Mar 12, 2002
So I am planing a Ryzen build for a couple months down the road. I am trying to generally spec out what I want to do. I have a samsung 830 256Gb and a RevoDrive 3X2 240Gb in my main machine right now. I could easily move either of the SSD in this machine to the new build. My question though is it really worth it to go with the NVMe SSD? I see that the top models do have some very impressive specs, but in general it seems that the Gb/$ is in favor of traditional 2.5" SSD, and unless willing to spend 2-3x the price they really are no faster.
well having lucked in picking up the review sample of the intel 750 NVMe drive even at 400gb. the specs are impressive for sure, i expected an improvement in loading speed based on the numbers. really loading stayed the same, so i would not recommend one for gaming alone. if your going to have heavy video editing or encoding or databasing then i can see where one of these would be the way to go. either that or if you just got the cash and the best of the best. other wise i would highly suggest just sticking with sata 3 based drives due to the lower cost per gb right now. with the lower access time ssd's offer and the fact they in almost in all cases near max out the sata 3 spec. then i saw no increase in performance for what i do with a nvme drive its hard to recommend anyone buy one. granted the M.2 based NVMe drives would look more like stick of ram and if your making a portable gaming rig or just a SFF pc then using one would be highly suggested if the case in mind has little to no 2.5in/3.5 bays.

since you didnt post it, what will you use the new rig for? now i think i might have covered why to buy one but still the question needed to be asked.
I do a wide array of stuff on my PC. Currently my main PC ([email protected], 8Gb @ 2000, 980Ti) sits behind my 55" TV as a gaming PC, media box, etc. As I dont have a secondary machine my laptop is out in the office and it is not really up to the challenge.

I surf, game, program, do normal office stuffs. I have a 670 laying around, so my thoughts were to grab a case, rads, pump/res/CPU block, and a new mobo/cpu/ram/psu and build the Ryzen rig with the 980Ti, 16Gb @ ~2700+, and an R7-1700 but maybe a 1600X IDK yet.

The idea is to then leave the 8320/mobo/ram/psu in the current case, and swap the 980Ti out for the 670 and leave it as my gaming machine, and put the Ryzen in my office. OFC there are a few other concerns. Ill swap the new Supremacy EX into the 8320 rig and use the updated AM4 compatible hardware with my Supremacy Full CU on the new system.
yea if your not heavy av encoding or needing to feed alot of users databasing i cant see suggesting a NMVe drive right now. just due to cost and lack of any performance increase for what you do. i say stick with sata based ssd's still....