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NZXT HALE90 V2 Review

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Dec 8, 2012

NZXT HALE Series power supplies delivers clean currents, refreshing design, and rock steady performance with eccentric design. NZXT developed the HALE90 V2 with high attention-to-detail from the exterior to the interior PCB board. This is our first completely modular power supply with a patented process of multiple intelligence ability controller engineered for pure performance.

Technical Specifications:

AC Input 100-240V - 14-7A, 60-50Hz
DC Output +3.3v +5v +12v -12v +5VSB
Max Power 30A 30A 83A .8A 4A
150W 996W 9.6W 20W
Total Power: 1000W


80 Plug Gold Certification
Completely Modular Design
Strong Single +12V Rail
Powerful +5Vsb Rail
High Quality Japanese Capacitor
Active PFC
SLI and CrossFire Ready
Supports multi-GPU technologies


I want to apologize to everybody that I didn't take any pictures of the packaging method that NZXT takes to protect their product during shipping. However, the package that had arrived was a 9lb standard plain corrugated cardboard box. Enclosed was the actual power supply box that you would see on display or purchase at the actual store with the power supply itself wrapped in a plastic to protect the box from scratches or damage from being handled.

The front of the box is branded in the top left corner with NZXT with a clear window showing the power supplys 135mm dual bearing intake fan with the wattage in huge bold font to the right of that. Underneath the wattage is the power supply series "HALE90 V2 Series" along with a list of the features in icon format also stating that it comes with a 5 year warranty.

The right side of the box lists the different types of connectors and the amount that are included with the specific unit (varies by wattage) along with graphs showing the acoustic noise level (db) and the efficiency of the unit based on the load being pulled.

As we open the retail box we are welcomed by a gray foam box with a window cut out revealing the fan as seen from outside of the box along with the owners manual, a white bag secured by a velcro flap and a small box type holding the main power cord.

The main power cord is shipped in a small 'half box' used as a spacer, the power cord is a heavy duty specially designed using which appears to be 14guage wire, thicker than your common psu cords, which is approx 70" in length with all 3 prongs horizontal connecting to the PSU.

The white bag holding the included cables, mounting accessories(4 black screws and 5 zip ties).

The 1000w unit comes with 1 20+4 pin mb connector with a basic sleeving style. The connector also has a 3 pin wire that pigtails off the motherboard end back to the PSU end for the +5v standby feature allowing the PSU to provide power to charge USB devices while the system is in standby mode.

The remaining connectors are specially designed for the HALE90 V2 series units with a flat connector on the PSU side with thinner flat wire to the device connector. The 1000w unit comes with 2 4+4 pin for the CPU power

14 molex (4 pin) connectors including 2 floppy

6 PCIe (6+2 pin) connectors

12 SATA connectors

Power Supply:

As stated above, we find the white finish Power Supply surrounded by a grayish foam enclosure with part of the fan visible through a cut-out window seen from outside of the box weighing approx 3.6kg or 8lbs. The bottom of the power supply as facing upward in the box houses the 135mm dual bearing intake fan protected by a black wire grill.

The front of the power supply reveals a new design from the original HALE90 as it contains 2/3 being honeycomb air vents. The PSU is capable of auto sensing voltage which eliminates the need for the tiny 110/220v selector switch. The power switch and connector is in the corner centered in a black "wrap around" section that runs down both sided of the unit. Both sides has a lightly engraved "HALE90" towards the back upside down from each other so its readable depending on the way its mounted inside the case.

The back of the power supply reveals a modified design from the original HALE90 as this series is fully modular with <i>NZXT</i> in the corner. In the video review, I mentioned that the connectors were not labeled but in a closer look I did notice they are but very difficult to read if you don't look at the correct angle. However, the PCIe and 8 pin CPU connectors are notched and will only connect to the correct outlet. The top of the unit has the unit technical specifications.

The HALE90 V2 series high quality power supply with a fully modular design is available in 850w, 1000w and 1200w that allows you to choose what cables you want to utilize. The CPU cables are long enough to be ran the full heigth of the Phantom 630 case without the need of cable extensions.


Fully Modular
Sleek Design
Suppors USB charging in Standby
Heavy duty main power cord
Plenty of cables included


Only available in white
Connector labels difficult to read
Personally, I would've liked to see the 20+4 pin individually sleeved​

NZXT HALE90 V2 1000w
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Senior Member
May 10, 2009
Can you please size the pictures down? They're huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge and take forever to load even on broadband.

The power cord is a standard C19 cord, 14gauge (it's marked on it as AWG14), generally you only find them on server bits. If I recall correctly 14gauge is the minimum for a C19 plug, this makes it impossible to plug a cheap PSU cable in that can't deal with 1000w.
You can find my review, with more details on that as well as testing, here: http://www.overclockers.com/nzxt-hale90v2-1200w-power-supply-review


Dec 8, 2012
Thanks for the clarification, I've been having internet issues here so I'll resize the pics as soon as I can.


5up3r m0d3r4t0r
Aug 11, 2008
+1 on the big 8MP photos...lol. 1024x768 is plenty big :thup:

Misleading title, in my opinion, since the PSU wasn't tested. This is more of a walkthrough than a review. No conclusions can be made on the quality of the product when it hasn't been tested.


Official CASELABS Rep
Apr 23, 2012
Los Angeles
The review is definitely appreciated, but like others have said, we need some performance specs from people who have them.

I could tell people all day long that this is a beast of a PSU and put out numbers, but I'd rather have independent reviewers tell the masses. That way it's unbiased.


Dec 8, 2012
The review is definitely appreciated, but like others have said, we need some performance specs from people who have them.

I could tell people all day long that this is a beast of a PSU and put out numbers, but I'd rather have independent reviewers tell the masses. That way it's unbiased.

I'll get the proper equipment and perform a load test on the unit and post an update once the equipment has been acquired. Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused.