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O/C BF1942 players..where are you?

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
I just got BF1942 and wondering where you guys play...do you put [o/c] before your name?

I like the idea of O/C.com people sticking together in UT2003!..I want some comrades to fight the good fight w/ and show the nasty axis that [O/C] OWNS!!!!

I will be [o/c]KaiserBun.

(is this: "[o/c]" how it is supposed to look?
I've been playing on the Namuraz stunt server a lot, launching jeeps high into the air & across the map, etc... :)

Joined the www.wolfservers.com, but haven't played there yet. They have their own servers & offer quality team play & bannage of the smacktards.

I play as " -= Can O' Beans =- "
{O/C}Grimm here. I play mainly CTF on the EA servers. I think untill we (overclockers.com) can get/agree on a server to call our own, we'll just have to play along and hope to run into each other some time.
why dont we put [O/C] before our names so we can recognise each other?
Perhaps if we list a few fave servers we can stick to a few. that will make sure we can play together and maybe even team up!

I am: [O/C]Kaiser bun
HA HA HA..Jawsome chewed me a new one today!:eek:

I was on a ATLANTA server and spawned as the pilot of a Aircraft carrier. Now I am still pretty green in this game and It took me a while to figure out that I was steering the boat towards shore...while I was checking out the map the boat was getting too close to shore and then some planes sunk her w/ bombs:eek:
It was then that I noticed Jawsome using language I never heard before....ha ha ha...he was pretty ticked off at me:p
So I guess I will hang up my captains hat and stick to tanks and assault.
Sorry to get you in a ruffle Jawsome...alll in fun:D
But still nice to see you there Jawsome!!!
Johnny Knoxville said:
is 1942 any good at multiplayer? last time i played multiplayer it sucked, the levels are huge

Ummmm.....gee whiz..let me think for a moment.......

IMO it is the best multiplayer since tribes 2!
Maybe I should start playing again. Been busy with Diablo 2 and Castle Quest 2 also... Oh and Everquest beta... So many games to play, so little time. :/
sorry man, but i tend to use harsh language on battlefield because people just dont get it. But If i woulda known you were [O/C] I woulda been a little more constructive haha. But you changed your name halfway through the game, and then you left and didnt get to see me take #1!!! The reason i was mad, was because i love the two bomber plane, and the game before somebody was moving the carrier and they beached it by the mountain and my plane went right into the control tower on the carrier and exploded and that p*ssed me off. Anyways im on periodically pretty much every night, I usually switch around the EA ATLANTA servers on the IWO JIMA, KURSK, and BATTLEAXE maps.


:) :D ;) :cool: :beer:
What is a good server to play on when you're just learning?

I don't want a bunch of people ****ed off at me for sucking. Thats not muh fun:p

{O/C} O/C Noob
No worries Jawsome....I will one day make you proud!:D
Sorry I missed your "ownage" but I had to whip back to work(I come home on my break to play BF1942:D )
Maybe next time we can get some high scores together and make O/C.com proud!!!
I'll teach you guys some O/C Forum exclusive tricks of the day.

Trick of the Day: When going against tanks, go for the bazooka, stay out of sight, and then run around behind the tank anyway you can and one square shot in the dead center of the back of the base of the tank will take it out, either that or it will be on fire and blow up shortly after.

aww what the hell two tricks

Trick 2 of the Day: Camp in the Airplane Spawn, its a great way to kill retards who only go for planes, use a bazooka and lay down somewhere close and out of sight, then when the planes pop up, dont blow them until someone is inside. Grenades are sometimes useful too if there are large groups of retards.