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O/C I3 530

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Sep 10, 2009
West Georgia
My setup is in my sig but i have everything besides ram, os, and cooler.
want to start right at 4ghz and tweak from there.

As you can see in my old rig i didnt o'c because i dont have the slightest clue what to do.

First any idea if the a/c frezeer pro would get me above 4ghz or would the cooler master hyper 212 be a better option?

2nd, would 1600 ddr3 be good enough or should i look at 2000?

3rd, 1st update bios thru msi live update, 2nd update windows, 3rd install/update all drivers, 4th run memtest or w.e, 5th start o'c

for the 3rd, would the be the best order to do everything?

For the o'c can someone post bios settings for 4ghz

I apologize for all the questions


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Jun 6, 2002
H212 and TX3 are improved and from what reviews i saw are a bit better then the ac freezer. DDR3-1600 is going to be way more then enough. i would only update the bios thru Dos or a iso loaded on a cd to install the bios.

every cpu is different your going to have to test to see if the cpu will do 4ghz at what settings. built in oc profiles in the motherboard overvolt the cpu a touch more then needed for ocing, so i wouldnt trust them.


Oct 17, 2009
I prefer the Cooler Master 212, been using Tx3 and ACFreezer 7 Pro, with lesser price it did as well as ACFreezer 7 pro, so I expecting 212 will be better.

am sure with either CM or AC are easy to reach 4Ghz with still ok temp.

with 1600 is enough, am using 2000, but set it in 1600 :p

actually after 1st step is fine to go straight to 5th :D unless U found that the windows and the hardware U set up is error, then U need update windows and also the driver.