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O/C My new Barton 2500

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May 21, 2003
Howdy I'm wondering if someone could help me out in overclocking my Barton 2500. I'm running a Koolance water-cooled system now so I'm sure I'll be able to get it running pretty tricked out.

Since I'm brand new to the whole overclocking idea, what do I need to know? Any codes off of the cpu? And I've heard of stepping but have no idea what it is...

If you could explain or give me a link to something that can help me out, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for reading the post and thanks again if you replied.


Sep 14, 2002
Metro Detroit MI

Just scroll down, maybe goto page 2... really all "this" forum is abotu right now is the 1700+ t-bred and the 2500+ barton.. you should be able to find tonz of info about it

Qucik help...

- Overclocking- Make sure your cpu is unlocked, meaning you can change the multiplyer from lets say... 12... to 12.5 or 13.

- Then Put your fsb to like 200, and mutli to like 10, and volt like up by 0.1v on the cpu and the vdimm @ like 2.9 then go from there... if theres no post up the volt a little more on the cpu. Still no post? Put the fsb @ 190 and keep messing with settings

-Mobos, memory and stepping have alot to do with how good an over clock you can get

- Stepping, if you look on your cpu there will be a series of numbers... thats your stepping, the "newer" chips are usually the best overclockers sence most of the "bugs" have been worked out.

Hope that helps



Jan 28, 2003
the 2500 is a good chip to overclock checkmy sig, look for a thread "whats your highest barton overclock" also check cpu database on the OC .com home page. good luck.