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O.C. P7H55D-M Pro + i3-560

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New Member
Feb 18, 2016
Good afternoon,
I have the following configuration:
Motherboard - Asus P7h55D -M Pro + i3-560 + crucial 2x4GB 512 * 64 + 1600Mhz Asus EAH5450 .
Needed to know the best overclocking , stable and without risk of damaging components.
The CPU cooler is an original 1155 socket .
It's how I make in the settings of the Ai my asus ?
Thank you.

Every CPU is different so we can't really give you settings that are guaranteed to work.

That said, its been a while since I have been on this platform. While you wait, please take a look a the guide I linked below. This will fill you in on the basics (and not so basic), and should allow you to start overclocking while you wait for more detailed help.

What are your uses for this PC? What do you expect to get out of overclocking? I want to make sure that overclocking will get what you need. You have a pretty old system and overclocking on stock air, or even aftermarket, may not bring things up where you want them to be.
Use the computer for normal use , and games , but not too heavy .
I wanted to overclock , just to make better provision ums nothing more .