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OBS stream+ record @ 60 fps unable to maintain fps in either.

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May 4, 2011
I'm trying to figure out if it is a hardware issue or settings issue. Im guessing it has something to do with throughput.

I have OBS configured to output the raw 1080P @ 60 fps. Without recording, the fps only manages 55 fps while streaming. As soon as i start recording alongside it, the fps drops like a rock to 23 fps.

I'm using AMD's Advanced Media Encoder for both, as the fps was choppy as all hell with the x.264 encoder.

I'm guessing its a hardware limitation since it immediately drops upon recording + streaming. I've recorded without streaming, and the fps was at a solid 60. I lowered the "quality" setting, and stream+record and it was 27 fps on stream, so it seems directly proportional.

My first guess is RAM, just based on some research I've done. But the problem could lie elsewhere. What do you guys think?

The Game FPS is completely unaffected. That is solid at 60.
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