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OC 2400+ XP... Cooling Solution?

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Oct 31, 2002
I just bought a AMD XP 2400+ and I am using conventional air-cooling solution. I want to push my rig to the limit more, what cooling solution is better?

Prometeia or Water Blocks for my situation?

I really want to cool my entire system including the Mobo North Bridge as well. My Mobo Temp is at 40C because I running 7 IDE device, and also 5 of my 6 PCI slots are occupied. In addition, my Hard Drives are HOT as well.

Prometeia is based on vaporchill and it can cool the cpu to the extreme like only 4C. What about Water/Radiator Cooling Solution? It is probably the best cooling solution for the entire system including HD, N/B, video card. Was the Koolance PC2-601BLW any good? It seemed to me it was the easiest water block cooling solution out there in the market but expensive solution? Any Suggestions?

I have no intention to start a debate about vaporchill vs water cooling
do not get a koolance totally bad idea you may however consider building a water cooling system. its easy costs less works better and hell its fun...
{PMS}fishy has suggested the following parts...

Block - Dangerden Maze2 or Maze3 w/Copper top 3/8" Barbs
Radiator - Heatcore @ autozone mod for 3/8" for $18 or buy finished
Pump - ViaAqua 1300
Hose - 3/8ID can get at any homestore for very little
Fans- 2 120mm Sunon 131cfm
Shrouds- Can be made for a few $$ of purchased

What do you think?

I look up www.dangerden.com and try to play with order options, the MAZE3 water block just overwhelmed me. with TOPS/Fitting Size/Fitting Type/Extra AMD Holes/O-ring

also is MAZE3 better or MAZE3SHD - Socket Hold Down Block? It seemed to me that MAZE3SHD will have more pressure on the socket I assume

I am super noobie in terms for water cooling so bear with me with all those idiot questions

Also about Radiator, I look at Black Ice Xtreme and also the The Heater Core from www.dangerden.com which one is better? one says it can remove 919Wh and one says it has the least flow resistance of any radiator. Moreover, some other posts are talking about corvette heater core? is it the real corvette the sporty car's heater core that can be bought from autozone?
either maze 3 is the same, and how do you plan on cooling the hard drives? you gotta do that somehow, or with fans....
dden has all your blocks and all, dont bother with a clear top, but itll do just fine most likely, they just run a tiny risk.
in your situation i do suggest 3/8 barbs, 1/2 would be difficult to run the tubing as it sounds..
you dont need an extra O ring or barbs, you just order the block as it is, maby get metal mounting hardware instead of plastic
heatercore would be best
those sunnons would be kinda noizy