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OC 5820k temp recommendation

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New Member
Feb 27, 2016
I recently put together a new rig:
proc: 5820k
mobo: ga-x99p-sli
cooler: 110i gt
ramo 32gb
case: design s

I am able to get a stable 4.3 @ 1.2 and my core temps seem fine. I have been stable on realbench for 10 runs and aida64 for 2x1hr runs. However, my package temp seems high. I can't seem to find any info on package temps (at least not without something else conflicting). So I figured might as well post a screen shot of a very short run but one that displays where I am stable in every other program. Can someone who understand aida better than I take a look and give some feedback? This is my first x99 setup.


Ok, that seems really high to me for some reason. The T-case for my proc is 66.8c so not sure how that comes into play with core temps of 90c. The temps your recommending are safe for 24/7 use? I wouldn't need to go that high but the information is interesting.

Here is a new test bench that I was able to go up to 4.5 @1.26v...Everything still looks ok for 24/7 use?

Those temps look good. If you are getting 4.5 GHz at 1.26 V you have yourself a GREAT Chip!

With the H110i, it takes about 30 minutes for the cooling loop to become saturated at a constant load on the CPU. Said differently, your CPU temps will rise as the coolant temperature rises.

If you think you have a good overclock, let it run stress testing for 30+ minutes to see your max CPU temps.

Additionally, as the ambient temperature in the room changes, your CPU temps will change as well...once the cooling loop is saturated.

I run a 5820K with an H110i GTX. Once my loop is saturated, the CPU temp goes 1 to 1 with the ambient temperature.

Being that it's winter here in Florida, the ambient room temperature of my office at home varies between 24 C and 31 C. The 31 C is during the day with the AC in my house set to 86 F (I keep the AC at 78 F when I'm at home). So, during the course of the day, my CPU temperature varies by 7 C (I run folding@ home 24/7 on my system.)

My max CPU case temp at this load is 63 C when the room ambient is 24 C, and 71 C when the room ambient is 31 C.

I hope that makes sense.