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OC a AMD Semp. 2200+(Help)

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Oct 13, 2004

I recommend reading the numerous stickies posted on this forum as they will answer all of your questions.

If you have any other questions feel free to reply :)



c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
There's no way around reading your motherboard manual at least simply because the alternative is the "trial & error" approach to overclocking.

Your motherboard link is dead, is that a Shuttle nForce2 chipset motherboard?

See here
you have a Socket A 2200+ Sempron. It has a locked 9x multiplier.

MHz frequency = multiplier x FSB.

1500 MHz = 9 x 166.66 FSB

So you're locked at 9 multiplier and your chip may do, I don't know, 2200-2300 MHz maybe more maybe less.

So what does that mean?

2300 = 9 x 255 FSB

Some Socket A motherboards can't even handle 200 FSB, some go into low 200s, very few can go to mid 200s.

You have PC3200 RAM which can do 200 FSB for sure but if your motherboard can take it, that means

9 x 200 = 1800 MHz, so that's a 300 MHz overclock right there.

But you need a good power supply brand for overclocking and you need good cooling to take care of increased heat that comes with increasing voltage which you need to do to increase the overclock.

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