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OC Asrock Z490 Taichi with A-tuning program

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New Member
Aug 26, 2020
lol I was scared to try manually overclocking at first so I stuck with Asrock's EZ OC turbo in the bios set to 5.1. But I was only getting up to 4.5. So I read up enough online to try somewhat manual overclocking and did so with the AsrockAtuning utility. I tried to get to 5.2 at 1.4V and that would make it through about 5-10 min of stress tests before crashing, but it was also reaching peak temp of 94C which was hotter than I wanted to run at. So I dropped down to 5.1 and called it good. I'm now stable at x51.0 CPU ratio, x47.0 CPU Cache ratio, 1.350V CPU Core/Cache Voltage (Fixed) with peak temp at 84C. With all other Atuning sliders left alone. Unlike with the EZ OC, I can see I'm actually running at 5.1. with CPU-Z, the Atuning systems monitor, and task manager. So I have Atuning set to load at start up.

My questions is when I check the bios, it's still set to the 5.1 EZ OC settings. Since I'm running the Atuning utility anyways to keep track of temps and fan speed and all the rest, and it takes all of 0% CPU and only 20mb out of my 32gb memory, it's not like it's a system hog to run it. Should I set this OC in the bios or just let Atuning handle it? If I should set the bios, what do I enter to mirror what Atuning is setting? For example, Atuning is going by ratios. So in bios do I set 5.1? x51.0? 51? Also in Atuning I don't see what I see in the Bios. For example there is nothing about load line calibration. In Bios that's set to level 1 and pretty much everything is set to auto. In Atuning there is no auto option and like I said I left them all at whatever they were already at except for the 3 settings I already mentioned above.
I've been using PC since the 80s and DOS but this is my first time trying to OC. Really don't want to screw this up because it's also my first PC build instead of going with a prebuilt time after time which I had them OC.
My full specs.
CPU: I7 10700k (OC to CPU Ratio x51.0, CPU Cache Ratio x47.0, CPU Core/Cache Voltage (Fixed) 1.350V)
MOBO: Z490 Taichi
OS: Win 10 Home
Ram: 16GBx2 Crucial Ballistix 3600 (XMP to 3600 but I haven't messed with the timings and left the XMP defaults)
Storage: Adata M2 3500/3000MB/s 2TB and Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB.
GPU: RTX 2080 Super FE. (OC Clock to 110, Memory 500)
PSU: Corsair RMX Series 850W ATX12V 2.4/EPS12V 2.92 80 Plus Gold
External Optical: Samsung CD/DVD R/W from my old PC. (lol I know it's antiquated but I have like a 3+ft stack of old game CD's I may want to play again one day. Assuming they'll play nice with Win 10 or if Win 10 decides to slap them around instead. It can be mean to old games don't you know ;) )
Sound card: Xonar Essence STX from my old PC (Tried the Nahimic onboard audio. The Essence is a lot better)
Cooling: Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 set in push/pull with stock fans and 2 Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 set as front intake. 4 140mm Noctua NF-A14 set as exhaust, 3 top, 1 rear. 2 Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 as bottom intakes. 1 140 NF-A14 I modded a hole in the side acrylic and set as an intake blowing right under GPU.
Case: Corsair 750D Airflow edition.

Thanks in advance.