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OC expectations

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Dec 13, 2003
Rather than upgrade my current XP 2200+, Asus A7V8X, and Corsair 512mb PC2700, I've thought about possibly putting in a gig of XMS PC3200, and OC'ing. I don't want to press on the parts, maybe 2.1ghz or so just to be safe, and adjust the memory timings. I'd also need to replace my TT Volcano 9 which runs it at 113F with a room temp of 65F. So, would this be a useful tactic or just save $250 and leave it alone? BTW yes...I'm an OC'ing noob...have mercy on me.


Sep 30, 2001
England, UK
Well to be more accurate on the overclock that you could expect we would need to know the stepping of the CPU, it could be you have quite a good stepping and would overclock nicely or you could have a not so good one and not overclock much more than 100Mhz or so. To know the stepping you would either have to have written it down before you installed the CPU or you would have to take the heatsink off and have a look.

To be honest I think I would leave it as is and save the money, I dont think the system would benefit much from the hugher speed RAm except from the abliity to run tighter timings at a higher speed. The Corsair you have is probably quite capable of nice timings and overclocking some aswell. At the most I would change the heatsink up the FSB and drop the multi, do you have unlocked multi's? A 2200+ is still a pretty good speed I would save th emoney and do a full upgrade in a year or so if you need to....