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OC GF2 MX in Win2000

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May 8, 2001
Hello, I want to know some ways to OC my Hercules GFII MX with out crashing. I noticed when I changed the CAS from 3 to 2 on my RAMS, my old windows-ME OS will freaze or crash. Why is it now I have Windows 2000 i never had any problems??? Base on that fact I want to OC my MX card.
What are some good OC programs out there? and how high can i overclock the core and the memeroy with out crashing?
Thank you
AMD 900 socket on Gigabyte 7ZX (rev1) MOBO VIA KT-133-686a 5/16/2001 updated
384MB PC-133 CAS2 RAM
GF2 MX with 12.41 driver
TDK12x10x32 & DVD drive
SB live 5.1
WD 30gig (7200) ATA100 on Maxtor ATA controller card
Real Magic DVD card
Antec 830SX case
A very good and popular proggie is Powerstrip, you can get it at www.downloads.com.

There really is no way to tell how high a chip can go as they are all different, you just have to experiment with it. Push the core up by 1Mhz increments, then run 3DMark2k1 looping for about 20mins, and keep going till you see image distortion or what not, then back it down 1MHz and that is how high ittl go! ANd so the same with the memory clock also. (man Ive used this sentace so much :) )