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SOLVED oc Heat problems amd 6100

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New Member
Mar 21, 2017
i had terrible heat problems when overclocking my amd 6100fm - 3.3ghz
i got it up to 3,6 and then the heat became a issue, so i said **** it and bought a CM 212 hyper evo cooler.
4.2ghz now, idle temp is 23-25c and during torture test (p95) it stayed at 49-51c all the time. soo happy i got the new cooler ;)

Old vs new
20170321_143506cc.jpg 20170321_224438cc.jpg 20170321_224510cc.jpg
I also notice that your OEM heat sink was partially clogged with dust.
Get caned air when cleaning your PC case and parts that stock heat sink looks dirty and clogged. If not try to find or buy clean soft paint brush
@- trents
Yes, it was very dusty when i took that picture. I cleaned it with compressed air but it didnt change temp more than 1c, i also cleaned the case,fans mboard and all fan filters but that didnt help much either. i guess the oc made heat build up faster than the stock heat sink+fan could handle, i tried with extra fan on the heatsink but still too hot.
so i pretty much gave up, got the CM 212 cooler, it was cheap and all so i decided to buy it. didnt expect a huge difference but it surprised me how efficient it was. compared to stock heatsink
The good thing about the 212 is you can use it for your next system in most cases. I have an original H212 from way back when that has slowly migrated to various machines in my house as they get upgrade to AIO solutions or custom loops lol. That old h212 though still does a hell of a good job and has all the plates/adapters to use with basically any chip out.. could even use it on ryzen if I get the cheap adapter.