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OC i7 950(air) strange multiplayer

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New Member
Jan 3, 2010
Hey im new here and in the oc'ing world.

i recently got this system of a friend who just had to much money at the time.
cpu : core i7 950
mobo: EVGA GT classified
Ram: Corsair dominator gt [email protected]
power: Enermax revolution (1000w)
Gpu: EVGA gtx 295 (2x in sli)
cooling: cpu= V8 from cooler master
case: cosmos S

now i have had some assitence from people who have oc'd them self, but i want to learn as much myself.

Been reading trough a lot of forums, and was able to oc my cpu a great deal for air.

But, and here i need help, i oc'd a bit to much, couldn't boot so resetted cmos.
system workd fine again BUT now i have some strange readings.

in my bios, i can set a maximum multi of 23x
but the clock itself says its at 24x

if i put it on 22x, clock says 22x.

I use everest ultimate edition, and here i see the same
@ cpu it says its running at 23x speed of 4060mhz
@ overclocking it says running at 24x speed of 4236mhz

@ cpu-z it says 24x speed of 4236mhz,
my stress test prog ( i used orthos, first one recommended to me) says again its at 4060mhz,


So i dont know how much its going at.

Any idea's?

Second question is a more detaild question to oc'ing it self.

I'm just trying to grasp how oc'ing works IF you dont have to worry about heat.

my system runs stable at (cpu-z) 24x 176.6mhz, with 1.375V (max according to intel is 1.375V)

Now if i go higher ( lets say 24x 180mhz) with the same 1.35V. stress test gives me bleu screens.

So i'm i right, to up my voltage to when it doens't crash? ( ofc not going to high to give me a meltdown :d)

or are there to much other settings i need to understand not to get bleu screens.

My current other oc settings are

QPI @ 4.800GT/s (told it doens't effect speed but gives more stable systems
CPU Uncore FQ @ lowest (same reason)
Speed thingy (cant remember the name now :d) off
Turbo thingy (same reason) off

CPU VCore @ 1.375V (max intel recommended)
QPI VTT @ 1.35V (max intel recommended)

Dram @ 9-9-9-24
Dram V @ 1.65 V ( max corsair recommended)
Dram hz @ 1333 (not to go over my 2000mhz)

If you need any more info just ask.

thanks in advance for the help, and sorry about some faults in my English its not my native language.



Mar 13, 2006
Use RealTemp for monitoring multiplier and temps on your Nehalem (in that zip file you have a tool called i7 Turbo, very useful for watching multipliers). Sometimes CPU-Z is not showing correct multiplier and Orhos is old.
If you want to load all of your 8 threads use prime95 Large FFTs or LinX if you're brave. :D


New Member
Jan 3, 2010
k thx,
but like i sayd, i dont understand why my bios says what is says :p

seeing the multiplier go from 22x to 23x, and seeing the clock going from 22x to 24x, skipping the 23x multi.

but i wil test both programs, already have prime instald but havent looked at it yet,

anyway thx for the info
Spiney out

edit: nice, with your i7 turbo prog, it says its running at 24x, real temp witches betweetn 23x and 24x, but i see i7 turbo, going just a bit below 24x and then realtemp changes together,

so i have a stable system running at 4236.3 mhz woot, not bad for my first OC it think:p

but stil any help/advice how to get higher and staying stable wil be welcome, i just want to know a bit more then what i do now :p

My temps at max torture = around 84°C (185°F) so, i think this is the highest i can get, but i stil need to fine tune my VCC sinds its at max,
Once i get the hang of this i wil bring it a bit down to normal temps, but i want to know what i need to tune sinds, regardless of the temp, its not stable if i go higher at clock speeds.

Dont get me wrong, i do understand that more volts means more heat, especialy on quad cores, but stil IF i would go to water cooling, i want to know how far i can go, (if i go like to 1.8V is that a instant meltdown, or just only if you can't cool it?
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