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OC limitations of this build??

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Jan 12, 2016
I'm trying to get a good guess about the OC limitations of my current build it is as follows:

CPU-Z Validator List Link:
Case: Aero Cool 1000 (http://www.frys.com/product/8488328...nUSYX4v9XOF1HQZZm6NedNCgjj_6XTiDmAaAgGp8P8HAQ)

MSI z170a gaming m5 mobo
I5 6600k
Lepa exclusion 240 water cooler
MSI gforce GTX 970
16mb patriot ram (blue shield)
And something like a 700w ps

Any ideas? Very intrested and willing to learn!

Thanks guys!!

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Looking to find someone wing to take the time and explain things I don't pick up off the bat. Excited to progress in this new endeavor.. he'll maybe jump on some of your clubs like the benchmark guys! (Long time lurk first time post)
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There should be no particular limitations to overclocking the CPU anyway. Are you planning to overclock the RAM and the video card as well? You don't have any info about the case. Just get a roomy one with plenty of places for ventilation fans. And get quality PSU be someone like Corsair, EVGA or Seasonic. Are you in the USA? PSU brands and availability can be very different outside of the US.
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sorry typed it on my phone while at work lol let me go more indeapth

the case is a aerocool 1000 (mesh top, front and bottom) i have roughtly 6 fans in it right now (including the two on the 240 radiator)

The brand of PSU is Thermaltake (750)

would there be any major reason as to why i should oc ram and gpu?

Basically, I want to learn every aspect of this in its entirity. I would love to shoot for that 5ghz (with 6600k club) obviously a onetime bench.

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and why i guess i would be asking is, with that current setup what is possible as a daily vs benchmark cap?

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here is my CPU-Z Validation (all requested info!)

Do you have these components already? The only thing I would definitely change is the PSU brand. Thermaltake is not regarded as a quality PSU maker and the PSU is a critical foundational component. If it blows it can take motherboards and RAM with it. But if you already have it, that's another story. Overclocking the RAM would give little or no real world performance increase but would show up on benchmarks. Overclocking the GPU will give a few fps improvement but probably not dramatic. And it may not be very overclockable anyway, at least with the stock air cooling. And your AIO water loop will not permit you to water cool the card.
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Yes, currently typing on this build

so lets stick to overclocking the CPU only. :D

I would love to achieve a 5ghz (benchmark) though if i could stabilize it that would be amazing.

Also about the powersupply Ive already taken into consideration replacing it! :D

goofed up at the store when purchased the parts, after i saw my bill i downgraded the brands. though ive made that mistake, im buying a new, reputable brand tonight.
5 ghz stable might be a little optimistic with an AIO water cooler. Actually, I'm not sure what folks are getting on overclocks for the skylakes. I have a delidded 4790k Haswell I was able to get to 5.0 ghz pretty easy on a 360 custom water loop but I won the silicon lottery with this chip. The average for the 4790k is about 4.5. Generally, Intel uses their best silicon for their i7 flagship CPUs and the i5s get the second cut from the wafer.
hmmm so generally speaking it involves individual design aswell. cool. so where would be a good baseline to start off with?
the research i did i've found that average (safe) was around 4.5 but pushing the envelope is half the fun.
You start with stock frequency and voltage and gradually increase the core speed multiplier until you encounter instability.

Then you increase the core voltage (what we call "vcore") to restabilize. After every 1x increase in the multiplier test for stability and monitor package temps. A quick and dirty stability tester is the IntelBurnTest (run on "high" setting for 20 iterations. Default is 10 iterations). Have HWMonitor (nonpro version) open on the desktop while you stress test in order to monitor package temps.

Both increasing the core speed multiplier and the vcore will drive up temps. Don't allow package temps to exceed 85c for extended periods of time.

After you get a feel for the max overclock then switch the stress testing over to either AIDA64 or Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and test overnight for stability. These latter two stress testers don't drive up temps nearly as high as IBT but give a more thorough and real life stress test when used for longer periods.

Make adjustments upward in vcore or downward in core speed multiplier as necessary until you can pass 8 hr. of AIDA6 4 or IXTU. Both AIDA64 and IXTU have their own temp monitors.
At first, increase vcore in .025v increments. As you zero in on the max overclock you can tweak on the voltage in .01v increments. Max safe vcore (temps allowing) is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.3 or a tad more maybe.
kiloslov, just a FYI 1.42 Cpu V is about as high as you want to go on a Skylake for a daily Oc. 5.0 is doable but it will depend on the Chip, cooling and motherboard. The best way to learn what your chip like is going slow like Mr T mentioned in the thread above.
Manny, can you actually go as high as 1.42 on the vcore? I guess I'm behind the times.
Manny, can you actually go as high as 1.42 on the vcore? I guess I'm behind the times.
On Skylake yes, I believe it was Asus who said they were told by Intel that Skylake was "safe" to 1.42 V under good cooling..
On Skylake yes, I believe it was Asus who said they were told by Intel that Skylake was "safe" to 1.42 V under good cooling..

I can't think of a CPU that was limited to 1.3v for overcocking. The older you go the more they could take really. But 1.4-1.45v has been the limit for Haswell, IB and SB for daily. 1.3v is nearly stock for some SB!
how is this looking so far? I didnt get too fancy with it this is my first swing, but unless im a total noob it looks like i have a good start? a294aa797d4c255954aad452e4d971bd.png
Looks solid. Not sure about 5 ghz though.. you will hit a voltage wall before then I assume. You have to 1.42v... try it so long as temps are in order...
so i just tried 4.6 @ 1.35, BSOD.
i also tried 4.5 @ 1.359 and BSOD?

how do i get to this mystical limitation of 1.42v? lol
what am i missing here? so far all I've done is change my multiplier and the voltage :(
what am i missing here? so far all I've done is change my multiplier and the voltage :(
You're really not missing anything. It just takes a bit of patience, raise multiplier, stress test, add voltage to get it stable and watch your temps.

What I would do first is get it stable at 4.5 pass at least 2+ hours of Aida. Once you can try pushing further.