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OC my T.bird 1.4Ghz

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New Member
Mar 12, 2002
i wondered if anyone have tried to clock they'r T.bird [email protected] with Epox 8KHA+,Alpha PAL 8045 with Delta 80mm fan(80CFM) and 256mb Noname DDR PC2700. I figured if u update the bios,and run it on 160x11.5. i would get my t.bird at 1840mhz!=)
or do i need to volt mod the mainboard ?
T-bird OC


You might be able to find the answer to that question and gain some insight into your cpu's overclocking potential by looking in the CPU Database on the front page.
I would consider that to achieve such speeds you would require exceptional cooling (most certainly not air), an exceptional processor and very very good luck. I just do not think there are many 1.4's capable of such speeds, a 400mhz overclock is a little hopefull imho
Mine will post at 1920 and I can get it in on occasion at 1.77 for some mild testing though I can not keep the temp from climbing into an unstable condition. I geuss the real question is how cool can you get your fire breather.:)

Doc I believe does run his at 1.8 with a vapochill.
:) Welcome to the forums :)

I've been trying to get 1.8 from my 1.4 and even with max vcore it will not get there.

I believe bender had a [email protected] with water cooling, but that took a volt mod on the motherboard.

Good luck trying.