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[OC] Phenom II x6 1055T - help me to get the last Performance out of it?

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Jun 21, 2020
Hi, I just registered here because I am trying to max out my old CPU and have found many Posts in this Forum about this one... from 2010.
Hope that this is the right Forum.

My System:
Asus M4a89gtd Pro
4x4GB DDR3 Ram 1600 MHz CL11 (2 different kits)
500W Be Quiet PSU
Noctua Cooler
Win10 Pro x64

I would like to point out that at @stock values it was not possible to let the Ram run at 1600MHz (constantly got freezes after one minute in Win), only at 1066. When I only had three sticks in it the 1600 was fine.

I am now playing around with this one since a good week but I can´t seem to find the best values for it.

I am currently running this setup @3.7GHz with 1060 Ram, although I had problems with this alone and had to increase the Timings by 1,1,1,3 to make it apparently stable.
I am unable to pump the FSB higher because I will either get BSODS the moment Win loads or just plain "Overclocking failed". I would suspect that it has to to do with the RAM since there is no lower "level"/option for the Ram Frequency when I raise FSB and Ram is therefore above 1060.

The System was stable multiple times in prime95 under "Smallest FFT", the longest consecutive run was two hours. Although the temperature is then at 64C

I have no idea if the high CPU Voltage is even needed... I just rised the Voltages to values that are according to Posts safe...

What I don´t get is why the BIOS CPU Voltage is apparently lower than the one CPUZ shows. And in CPUZ the Ram Voltages are shown as 1.5V instead of the 1.65. Strangley according to CPUZ only one kit is recognized as "dual" while the other is just "single". Apparently I cannot increase the NB either without crashes.

So, could you guys please help me squeeze out the last out of this setup? Or am I at the maximum?

Out of some reason I am unable to post (visible) pictures, here is the Album:
Couple things stand out to me.

Biggest one is HT link frequency. 2000 is normal. At over 2100 as you are, will start giving fits. If you have multi control for that, lower it a click. Under 2000 is better than over.
Vcore is high for the clock speed. Should be ok around 1.45v.
Mixed ram sets hurt you bad. Especially 4 sticks. Choose 1 matched set of 2 sticks and stick with it.

What is your load temp?
That will designate your top speed. CPU won't like much over 60c @ 100% load.


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CPU is running with 64C in smallest FFT.

There is not Multi for HT Link, but I can choose from a list of Freuquencies.
I will see if I can bring it down.

Is it a problem to have three Ram sticks? I need at least 10GB Ram.
Three RAM sticks will move you from double to single channel performance, somewhat of a hit. And by the way, I hope you aren't mixing different brands, speeds and timings of RAM. That is not good for overclocking.
With three sticks CPUZ still shows Dual CHannel for the two matched ones. (flex mode)

I have now reduced HT to 1300 since it´s the next one to 2100. No change.
I have removed one stick.
Increased to 3850 MHz which brings Ram to 1100.
This setup causes only BSOD´s.
Maybe you just need more vcore if temps will permit. Which Noctual cooler do you have? If you don't know, take a pic and attach it to your next post.
Noctua U12P.

More Voltage than 1.52V under load in prime? :O
And yeah, it only shows 1.48 in BIOS/idle.
If my memory serves me correctly, most people were able to get about 3.7 ghz overclock out of that CPU and a few maybe 3.8 ghz.

Yes, your vcore is already borderline too high. Maybe your expectations need to be adjusted.
Not a problem.
If you think that it´s at the maximum then I will take that. I just thought that maybe it will be possible to get more out of it.
And the Chart I found also shows that the highest average is around 3.7. With a few at 3.9 at only 1.45V.

Anything else I can do to squeeze a few (theoretical) percents out?
Is the HT Link at 1300 too low? better 2100 since I never had a problem with that?
Maybe raise the NB to 2400?
Would there be a benefit with decreasing FSB, but increasing Ram? I guess not...

Guess I will at least try to bring all the Voltages down.
Keep HT close to stock on one side or the other. Lowering HT modest amounts has little negative effect on performance but you can usually run it over stock on the Thuban CPUs. Back in that day, many were saying best stability happened in overclocking when HT and NB were kept in lock step on that family of processors. I guess I would keep them in lock step and find out what the max stable overclock I could achieve with no more than 1.475 vcore with RAM frequency somewhere betwee 1300 and 1600 mhz.
No idea what stock is for NB and HT. With Auto HT is at 2100 and NB too.
You are saying that those two should be roughly the same?

hmm I guess Ram OC is not possible if I use four sticks?
Because some chart shows that Thuban only supports 1066 when four sticks are used.
Or might it be possible with higher timings?

Why exactly 1.475V?
Stock would be what the bios gives it on "optimized default". 2000 mhz I think for both HT and NB is stock.

The more sticks of RAM you used the more strain you're putting on the IMC. AMD CPUs from that era had anemic IMC's compared to Intel.

Are you mixing and matching RAM?
urgh I have only found that they are 1600MHz and Cl11, can´t find the rest.

Kingston ValueRAM DIMM Kit 8GB, DDR3-1600, CL11
Why exactly 1.475V?
Because you're already hitting the highest load temps you would want to see at that voltage.
Personally, I would knock that down to 1.45v.

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urgh I have only found that they are 1600MHz and Cl11, can´t find the rest.

Kingston ValueRAM DIMM Kit 8GB, DDR3-1600, CL11
Both kits say this?
hmm just went from 265 to 266 FSB and I only get BSOD´s. Guess the Clock is really at its max.

No, those are the two kits I have.
Secret with phenom/thuban is to keep the temps as o w as possible. Ideally below 50c. Both my 1045t and 1090t were running in the 4.2/4.3 GHz with 1.50ish volt with a noctua nh-d15.

IIRC, same was going for Scotty with a 360 wc loop (years ago, I might be wrong).

The NH-d12 is a tad undersized for this 6 cores CPU IMO...
Yeah, I know that it´s not the best for OCing. But for stock it was more than enough, so I was always satisfied with it.

I am now bringing the V slowly down.
Now at 1.5, prime is running since two hours, but previously I got an "No less or equal" BSOD. Guess it has to do with the fact that I had to forcibly restart my system hundreds of times... Also, prime likes to shutdown randomly out of some reason...

btw, is it a problem if the Voltage is higher than I have defined? I have it at 1.5 but it still jumps seemingly randomly to 1.512V, in prime and with LLC activated.
Do you maybe have an idea how my Mainboard´s Voltage works?
ie.: One time I go in and there is a Voltage of 1.33 shown and another time it is 1.44 and I have no idea why it changes so much.
The only thing I can change is the Offset. And this behaviour makes it quite hard to bring down the Volt for my current FSB.

If I go down atm at 265 FSB then CPUZ shows 1.48-1.51 with only +0.1 Offset. When I go down with the Offset I immediately get BSOD´s Quite annoying.
Now I am at 230 FSB and stock V at 1.33V seems to work properly.
Okay, thanks it seems taht I have found my Optimum.

At 3.46 I don´t have to increase my Voltage and my Temp stays nicely at 54C at load.
Higher than that and it makes a terrible jump and the Temp goes up to 60C just for 3.5GHz.
Which then peaks at 65C with 3.7GHz.

Here I can also so nicely how the Temp increases lineary with the Voltage.