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[OC] Phenom II x6 1055T - help me to get the last Performance out of it?

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I'm not sure the PSU is the problem. It could be a motherboard hardware or a motherboard bios issue. Nonetheless, I would not reuse that old PSU on a new system. Next one you get, make sure it only has a single 12v+ rail. With most newer, quality built PSUs, that is the case.
Yeah, obviously I will get everything new then.

I too think that it should be the Mainboard or some Memory Controller.
The Bios is the last released one, although it´s beta. Should I install the latest stable one? Assuming I can rollback to it.
Hi thanks.
I could just revert back in the Bios directly.

I still get BSOD in Blend, but it seems that it takes less restarts to get into the right bootsequence. But I have yet to boot more often to say anything exactly about that.
Would there be any benefit to go to an even lower Bios Version?

What I have forgotten previously, I did now.
When I am running the CPU @3.46, which is the maximum without the need for more Volt, Blend runs easily for four hours.

Why would it possible with a lower clock and Voltage? I thought about the temperature, but under Blend and with 3.7GHz it becomes not much warmer either (unlike the other three options).
So, is it possible that some Controller does not like higher Voltages over a long time? Then again, the other three options run without problems at higher Volt.
It is possible that the memory controller does not like the high voltage but it is also possible, and more likely I think, that the motherboard VRM does not like it.
Yeah, but what I don´t get is why it then does not break with the other options?
The other three work with OC for several hours and there the CPU temp goes up to 60C, but in Blend the CPU is not that challenged and only goes up for some minutes.
How does that fit together?
Okay, got ya. So blend works the memory controller harder is what you're saying and that's true. Have you tried increasing the CPU-NB (sometimes called just "North Bridge") voltage? Maybe it needs more, not less.
Keep in mind that adding any voltage makes the temp go up. You're already at the limit.
For reference Trent, to roll back the bios (the easy way) you slap the Asus disk that came with the board and boot from that. Select bios recovery. This will install the bios that was shipped with the board.

However must take note of which cpus are supported before doing so. Obviously with some boards the first bios revisions may not support newer processors.

But that's the easiest way that I know of to roll back a bios.

Yesterday I have booted the PC and Windows did not work anymore. The moment it started it threw an Error which was only fixable with a Revert, so I directly made an clean install since I wanted to do one anyway.
Then I go into the Bios and it only shows 12G.. as does memtest.
So, I have checked through them and one of them is not recognized anymore.
No idea, if it was already faulty or if my constant playing around with the Settings and Stresstesting did it. I only know that a few weeks back memtest passed 2-3 times with all four sticks and a few days ago I have only used the two sticks of each kit separately like you told me and both showed 8G.

Interestingly in 3,4GHz Blend worked for several hours and in 3,7 I still get immediate BSOD.
But now the BIOS does not let me start the 3.4 anymore and only writes "Overclocking failed" - with the same Settings that worked earlier.

Anyway is it okay if I open another Thread about my starting problem? I just needed 40 minutes to get into Windows and there is no point in OC if this **** is not fixed.
I would test each individual memory stick in each slot one at a time. I'll let a mod answer your question about starting a new thread. It seems to me your current issues are just an extension of what you already have been dealing with.