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OC Q9550

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Nov 26, 2009
I have an ASUS P5KPL/1600, 2x2GB of DDR2-1066MHz and an Intel C2Q Q9550.

Right now my quad is overclocked by 15%. I defined de memory frequency at 1000MHz and used de overclock profile of 15%. Memory overvoltage is on Auto.
All working fine till now.

But if I use de manual configurations, FSB at 383 (OC 15%), PCI Express frequency at 100MHz, memory 1000Mhz, +150mV for CPU, 1.40V for chipset and 2.1v for the memories, it simply doesn't beep or start the POST...

the values I can use in cpu voltage are:
my memories can go from 2.0V to 2.1V as it says in the specifications, I didn't overvolt them
and the chipset only has 2 options:

I tried All voltage values, allways with PCI Express at 100MHz, but in manual It doesn't start with more than 350 on FSB.
What values is the motherboard using in AUTO that I'm not?
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Nov 10, 2009
I have the same motherboard,but i dont like the Bios.

I tryed to overclock my CPU on it & it overclocked my memory,lol.

Gigabyte boards have more options & are easy to use,well at least for me Gigabyte is No.1 board for overclocking.:thup:

Read the manual that came with the board,maybe it helps you.