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SOLVED OC troubles with KT7ARaid and TBird 1G

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OK, can any of you help with this one.....first the specs.

AMD Athlon 1G with L1 bridges connected
CoolerMaster HSF (temps below)
Abit KT7A-Raid WW bios
Radeon DDR 32 MB
256 MB Generic PC133 RAM (had this ram at 140 on the old P3 MB)
Had a SBLive and a Netgear NIC, but both are out of the system

Now the problems... I can't get this thing to run stable. 10x100 (stock) runs fine. Even 11x100 is ok, but as soon as I start raising the FSB, it crashes. Won't even post at 105x11. Raised the Vcore to 1.8 and the Vio to 3.6, still no posting.

I can get 120x8=960 that runs ok with the 1.8,3.6 but I cant get 124x8=992. Heck, I can't even get 133x6=800. I should be able to get 800!!!! The max CPU temp at both 120x8 and 11x100 is 51, so I don't think the generic HSF is my problem.

BTW, 3dmarks2001 scores
120x8=960 - 2482
100x11=1100 - 2444
The CPU can do 1100, so I'm hoping to hit 8x133.

Any ideas? Tom
You must jack up the vcore to 1.85V, for some ram, raising the vio too much will make it less stable. 3.4 to 3.5V is ideal. The main reason for you not being able to overclock by much is the temp is very high, an avg TBird system with idle around 32C and 43C load. The CoolerMaster HSF is meant for stock speed, not for overclocking. You will need to invest in a good aftermarket heatsink and open case side panel untill you add better air circulation inside your pc.
I don't think your load temperature is too high... Look at my signature. Altough I added a second fan last night, so I'm not sure about that load temp. anymore, as I went to sleep straight after that.

If you can test with another tbird, I'd suggest that. Or another motherboard with your tbird would be a good thing too. I have some voltage problems (still...) on my KT7A-R, but after cleaning my tbird with petroleum they weren't so severe.

You might have a bum Northbridge or something, that's my guess. Also, check the code on your thunderbird for future reference on how much you can OC.
In a nutshell, I had the same problem with my KT7A and 1G/266, except it hit the wall at an FSB of 133. No change in vcore, vi/o, add cards, remove cards, etc. had an effect on it. Not one bit and my temps were a heck of a lot better than yours (low 30s). I contacted the reseller, who boasted a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed policy. My new KT7A is due to be delivered Friday. I will report on the results in this forum.

My brother-in-law has a Duron that I could try.
This is my second KT7ARaid. The first one had a bad IDE controller.
I don't think it is the heat, I can't even POST at 6x133=800.
Trying this should take the CPU out of the equation, right? Running a
1G at 800 should be no problem for the CPU.

I have disconnected everything in my case except the RAID HDDs, floppy,
and video so the 300W power supply should be fine.

I am running Via 4-in-1 driver version 4.29v
Are you sure your L1 bridges are connected good? I have a KT7A-Raid and haven't had any thing like that happen to me.
This is my system:
256mb/150mhz ram

I am having the exact same problem. I have been able to run my cpu at 1.3ghz completly stable at 140/9.5 or 133/10 but as soon as I change the FSB to 142 or higher it wont post. I have tried to underclock to as low as 800 with 142 FSB and it still wont post. Once in a while it will post and get a checksum error but that's rare. I know that it's not a cooling problem becasue my ram, cpu, video card, and everything else is barely even warm, and it still wont post when the cpu is running below 1ghz. I even tried using a full sized room fan blowing right into the case and it didn't change anything. It doesn't seem like it would be a problem with the L2 bridge becasue that should only effect the multiplier, right?

I prefer and never had good feeling about integrated components like sounds, video or even RAID on any motherboards. The more stuffs you have in it, the less chance the system could be as stable as possible. I got my Abit K7A, w/o RAID and my duron 800 oced up to 145mhzX7=145mhz. Since then... not even a single glitch. Maybe I am just lucky. The Cooler Master HS is great. I replaced that sissy stock fan with a 80x80 Sanyo Denki, 36cfm, very quiet. The CPU temp idle is at 26-27C, full load at 36-40C. Bought that fan at Fry's. Have fun OCING.