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Occasional "White Snow/noise Effect" on monitor

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Jan 10, 2014
Raleigh, NC
Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't sure where to put it,

Ok here is what is happening, kinda looks like the old tvs white snow/noise. I only notice this happen when i switch users on windows 10 or sometimes when it goes to the user screen on bootup and its not every time, at first i thought it was my hdmi cable but i bought a new one and still happens. I am using integrated graphics right now(intel 4000 i think) as my gpu died on me, anyway, anyone got any ideas? It is usually fixed by unplugging and replugging in the hdmi cable from the monitor
Snow/white dots on the screem is a sure indicator your video source is going out. Have you tried reinstalling video drivers? I suggest getting a new GPU or you'll be blacked out.

Check for your onboard video drivers here .

I do plan to get a new GPU soon, finances are tight atm, in the mean time, could it simply be drivers like you say? i mean other cause would mean issue with motherboarD ?