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OC'd Celeron 1700

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New Member
Oct 28, 2002
I've overclocked this system as follows:

Gigabyte 8IEX with 256K PC2100
Celeron 1700

Changed FSB in bios to 120
Voltage unchanged at 1.75

Results: using PCmark2002

CPU Std = 4073 OC'd + 4540
Memory Score std = 3634 Oc'd = 4022
HD = 200 oc'd = unchanged ( these are 6 year old drives)

oc'd temps idl = 22C Peak under benchmark = 38C
Cooling is the stock Celeron fan but its a big tower case with the cover removed in a really cold (15C) room.

This is not a critical use PC, just a cheap update to an old Pentium Pro. I thought I would experiment a little. Should I go farther?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum. This is overclockers.com forum so were gonna tell you to push it harder if its running stable. Your temps look good...why not try for 133FSB. That would get your PCI/AGP running in spec again.

I recommend using prime95 torture test to check for errors.

Keep us posted
No go at 133

Well I tried upping the FSB from 120 to 133 but I got a vatiety of error messages, and the pc was unable to get into windows. It seems that at the higher bus speed memory is not being recognized.

I picked 120 after looking at the CPU database. I gather that the 1700 celeronis not an overclocking chip, but then I wasn't even aware of overclocking when I bought it. It was only after reading the MB manuals thath I investigated.

THe gigabyte board is easily customizeable with a good bios interface adn something called Easytune which is easy although less intuitive than the bios.

If I have ben reading the forums correctly. The next step would be to increase the voltage from the normal 1.75 I haven't figured out the memory tuning aspects though.

Thanks for your encouragements.

When I get comfortable with this maybe i'll try the 2.4 P4 sitting in the other room. I've learned that it is not a C1 but is a B0. My fatherinlaw has an new 2.4 dell on the way.....Maybe I'll check his chip and plan a switch if its a C1 Of course maybe then I'll know whya c1 is supposedly desireable.;)
The first P4 based Celeron that OCs well is the new 2.0. Of course it's a Northwood .13u with the C1 stepping, so you'd expect it does much better (mine does 3GHz easily). Regardless, taking the 1.7 to 120fsb is a great OC for that chip, good job! :)
Read a bit more about your bios settings and what they do and if you have a question just ask. If you were able to boot and run windows at 133 then thats a good sign. You just need a bit of fine tuning. A voltage bump would probably be your next step

good luck and nice OC
More power

So, I looked through my bios and I can lock my memory @2x. I upped the FSB to 133 and it crashed although the reading I got was 132 during start up. I then set the fsb to 134 and after the Windows startup screen got the blue screen of death :)

I upped the voltage to 1.80 from the normal 1.75 and here I am. @ 2.26 with 266 memory frequency. I have yet to run a stabilty test.

Are there any guidelines for max voltage or max CPU temps?

The performance is very nice - If only I could get the onboard sound working properly, or the shut down to actually shut down, or the floppy to stop spinning all the time.

Tweaking is fun but you must admit you end up wiht a PC tahth has "character" ;)

2.26 is pretty sweet...congratulations

It's possible that you burnt out the onboard sound when you had it at 120 cuz onboard sound generally doesn't like high FSB's

and if your floppy is spinning and the green light stays on then maybe the IDE cable is plugged in backwards.

You should only increase your voltage in the smallest increments possible and then its normally not a good idea to go more than 0.15 over default for most CPU's

Not a good idea for temps to go over 50C either 40-45C is generally a good range for any cpu.
Thanks for the pointers

I'm not stable at 2.26. Windows is fine but I can't get through PCmark and CS crashes so i'm back to 120 with std voltage and 2.6x memory.

Thanks for the tip on the floppy drive.

I guess I'm soundcard shopping.

Thanksa again for your pointers

If your sound is out for sure just buy a cheap soundblaster unless you have expensive speakers. I have an SB-16 with a $40 Altec Lansing 3-pc speaker set and it sounds great to me. Also dont forget to disable onboard sound. Its either in the bios or using a jumper on the mobo.

Thanks for the advice. The music investment is in another rig (Santa Cruz and monsoons) My old 97 ensoniq would have gone in this one if it wasn't an ISA board. A cheap PCI is what I was intending....to match the cheap mobo and teh cheap chip. It is amazing the performance I'm getting out of a $500CDN machine.

By the way I changed the floppy cable and now everything is OK. Not only that but the machine almost turns off when I ask it to.
There are still some gremlins but things seem to be getting better.

Deez, thanks for your help it has been appreciated