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OC'd i7 920 w/ x58 Pro-E locking up at startup

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New Member
Dec 19, 2009
So I'm running an ati radeon 4890 (oc'd to 920/1000), A-Data 3x2 DDR3 1600 mhz ram, asetek LCLC water cooling for my CPU, with a 700w PSU on an x58 Pro-E.

So I realized that, as it was on stock clocks, my ram was running at 1066. Coincidentally, I also wanted to overclock my 920 quite a bit. I wanted to run the ram at 1600 without having to underclock it, so I set the baseclock to 160, which would grant me a modest 3.2 GHz clock to begin with.

Settings I used:

for ram timings i set it to 8-8-8-24,
turbo boost disabled, c-state disabled
memory ratio 1600 and uncore at 3200
QPI configuration I set to auto (I couldn't select anything higher than 4.8 gt/s)
CPU voltage @ 1.35
CPU PLL voltage @ Auto
QPI voltage @ 1.35
DRAM voltage @ 1.65
everything else @ auto

With these settings, I booted up my pc and everything went fine until I got to the windows 7 loading screen, where it hanged for around 25 minutes, until it switched to just the loading bar, which i left for ten minutes until I decided to restart. I screwed with the CPU voltage a bit (if I remember correctly I lowered it, kept QPI the same, got a BSOD) but to no avail. So I set everything back to factory defaults and it loaded win7 just fine.

What's the problem? Am i just incredibly stupid and did something quite simple very wrong? This is my first OC, so I wouldn't be surprised.


Jun 22, 2009
id say losen your mem timings and work on the i7 chip first.. oc that to where you want it and then tighten up the timings until you're happy...