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OC'ing 1.2v RAM

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Paul Anderegg

New Member
Mar 16, 2014
Have some Corsair Vengeance LPX 1.2v 2666 sticks that I am using the stock XMP profile with MB BIOS pushed up to 3000 with no issues. It's a 32GB kit, and I was thinking of pushing it a bit further while waiting a year or two for Intel 10nm and DDR5 to mature. Stable at 3000MHz 1.2v for a few years with stock XMP enabled...what should this be capable of if I am happy just taking it to 1.35v and manually playing around with timings? Am not sure if 1.2v RAM is 1.2v for some weird reason that I am not aware of other than run cooler?

PC is an i9-9900K and I am planning to get a new 4K 120Hz TV in a couple of months, so my CPU might benefit from faster RAM speeds pushing that type of frame-rate to my 3080 Ti since I game in 4K?

What I have now -> https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categ...EANCE-LPX/p/CMK32GX4M2A2666C16#tab-tech-specs

If it's fine for you then I see no reason to push it more but if you want to OC it higher then every DDR4 IC is scaling at least up to 1.5V without problems. I don't know what chips are in this memory kit as Corsair was using everything in Vengeance series, but if it made 3000 1.2V then should make 3600+ at higher voltages. I don't think there are Samsung B chips. I would say Micron, Hynix or Nanya and each of these IC should make 3600 and CL16-19-19, or in the worst case something like CL18-20-20 1.35-1.50V.
Perfect, that was the semi-generic-target suggestion I was looking for. I will double check what 3600 speeds do vs 3000 in the applications I will be using to see if it would even be beneficial.

Typically 0-5%, but in most cases more like 1% performance gain. You can still check how much it gives in your applications.
It's like the most significant difference is between 2133-2666 and 3200. Above 3600 it's barely visible. Going from 3000 to 3600 can still have some point, so good luck with tests :)
Yeah, I have seen some YT videos in the past comparing performance, and most of it showed best gains for AMD or for ultra high fps CPU limited