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Mar 6, 2002
I've been browsing www.OCSystem.com and they have some nice stuff for what seem to be semi-decent prices. I was just wondering if any of you had had any experience +/- with these boys. Thanks
I don't have any experience buying from this company, but I can give you a little direction on where to check out their rep.

Go to resellerratings.com and check out their track record. It's not fool proof, but it usually gives you a good idea what they are about.

I usually won't buy from anyone with less than 50 reviews on the site, that is unless I know someone who has had a good experience with a particular vendor.

Good luck.
I just placed an order with them yesterday....and right now all I can say is that the ordering process was a snap, and prices were decent. The order confirmation email said that my items would ship in three business days. I'll keep you updated.
Wow, they do have some pretty decent pricing! please post your experience when your transaction is complete, I'm kinda interested.:D
Update on ocsystems. I placed order on Sunday @ 9 pm. Today is tues and I got a shipping tracking # emailed today @10am. So far I like it. By the way I ordered a aopen gf2ti 64mg ddr.
Update!! I received my order yesterday via UPS.....the packaging was good, and the items were in perfect shape. I'll order from them again! :)

Oh, by the way, I ordered a couple of rounded IDE cables and an 80mm fan.
I can give you a little direction on where to check out their rep.Resellerratings.com

Resellers does not list this company. I tried to add a new company but the link was dead. Seems resellers is going thru changes with the original owner back at the helm. I'm sure he will get things back to the way they were soon
Update recieved my order today thurs. 4 days is not a bad time at all. Everything went a-ok. Havent tested prod. yet. I'll post after that.

Update. Vid card is working fine. Got my duron 1g to 1240 and lovin it
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I ordered some of the OCZ 3000 ram from them week before last.
I got it in less than 7 days, ground, UPS. Not bad considering.

I had absolutely no problem with them. Product was packaged decently. Not as good as the Corsair ram or Crucial, but safely!
They sent me a timely e-mail stating invoice, shipping,...etc...

I would buy from them again!

Hope this helps,
PS So far the companies I will avoid is Computer HQ and Atacom.
And above all CyberMax Computers.
I've ordered a Iwill 333XP-R board from them some ram and a cpu then i didn't get response from them in 5 business days (week) after that i called them to c whats going on because they know how to charge my credit card at once!!
The guy told me we don't have it in stock so he told me for the following thursday (that was back friday) i told them to go to hell and cancelled my order i won't do business with this kind of people, out of stock and not notifying the customer.
NewEgg is nice but i find their website very hard to navigate and slow azzz.