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OCSystem DDR- ever heard of it?

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Chris-the dude

Feb 10, 2002
Chicago burbs

Has anyone ever heard of or used this stuff? I know its not crucial or corsair, but a 256Mb DDR 2400 stick is only 75 bucks with s/h, and they come with aluminum heat spreaders. I'm just exploring some other options for my future upgrade here. Hey, I'm just a poor college kid!:D

Thanks for your input

Chris-the dude:cool:


Übercaffinated Member
Dec 27, 2001
In the lab
Well, it's PC2400, or tested stable with a bus of 300MHz (150x2). In other words, it is the DDR equivalent of pc150. Some new motherboards now offer memory running at 333 bus speeds. (166x2) Unless your have a motherboard that came out in the last couple weeks or have unlocked your processor and ramped the bus WAY up, these should be sufficcient. In all likelihood, they are actually just hand-picked name-brand memory.
Crucial and Micron are really good brands of memory. They may not be rated to go at this speed, but they usually will. What you've found is actually a pretty good deal, though!


Feb 6, 2002
The reason corsair or micron are not having ram running at 2400 is that the pc2400 are just pc2100 ram that are oc'ed to 2400. ([email protected]) and it might turn out just as well to buy some crucial or corsair pc2100 ddr ram.

That ram (pc2100) you would also be more equilant to oc yourself.