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Ocz 3000

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Feb 4, 2002
I heard that they just released new ram that is labeled ac PC3000.

I know I've heard ocz is crap, but if I can run it at pc2700 best timings, which is below the stock on that ram then wouldn't it be a good deal?? it's kinda like guaranteed that it would run well right??
I was just thinking that even if it doesn't run at it's stock speed it would still be fast... right??
brothernod said:
I was just thinking that even if it doesn't run at it's stock speed it would still be fast... right??

Wrong. It's a nightmare to work with, very few people have had success with it (Not over 140MHz anyway). It's pathetic crap, it really is.
wow, that's really messed up... okay I get the idea

isn't there laws against all that though, how the hell can they sell it if it won't reach stock speeds?? I thought stock was the guaranteed speed??
same here, i got a stick of pc2400cl2-2-2 from theoverclockerzstore and it wont even do 133fsb at 2-3-3!!
and they wouldn't return any emails, phone calls, ect. needless to say, ill never see that money. i sold the stick for 40$ as reg pc2100cl2.5 to a friend of mine, it runs fine at default. i lost out on 40$, and that site disappeared. STAY AWAY!!
Well, the problem is that alot of their memory, don't even use the same chips. So basically, your taking chances when your buying their memory, if your willing to settle over massive phone calls to them, numerous RMA's then go for it, just that there are better brands out there for you to choose consider the following:

Crucial PC2100 (I really don't know when their PC2700 is going to come out)
Corsair PC2400/2700 (Only memory rated CAS2 for that speed)
Kingmax PC2700
TwinMos (Not too farmiliar with the brand, but they do seem pretty darn good).