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OCZ Gladiator Clip Question

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Apr 17, 2001
Which side of the ocz gladiator heatsink clip do you attach first (so you can push the other side down to clamp it on)? the regular side or the side that looks like it has a lever on top?
that's a very important question to ask.

the side w/ the lever like part of the clip should go where the socket has a raised side. do you know what i mean? if you take ur cpu off you'll see a plain flat socket then one side will have a raised part, that's where the hinged flap of the clip should go. make sure that, the cut out portion of the HS is directly below that hinged part of the clip.

i hope this made some sense.
i know what you mean by that, but i wanted to know which end of the clip attaches to the socket first. in other words, once one side is hooked on, which end of the clip do push down on to clamp the other side on? thanks
They recommend attaching the "fixed" side first, (the side that's NOT the one with the hinge and wires)

However, on my a7a266, it was such a tight fit, I couldn't get it on that way, and had to reverse the order I clipped 'em...

So I guess it doesn't really matter, just as long as you get it lined up right

EDIT: in reply to the other thread, I didn't reverse the clip itself, but the order I clipped 'em in..(wire side first)