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OCZ Gladiator great for cooling, death for shipping

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New Member
Jun 5, 2001
I thought I would share this experience so others will not have to.

The new OCZ Gladiator CPU cooler is the best I have seen. It works like magic to keep these new Athlon CPUs nice and cool. However it is a PC killer when it comes to shipping.

I shipped 3 new high-end custom built PCs to a customer last week. The PCs were in transit only 2 days, but all 3 CPU coolers came unclipped. Never in my life have I seen such mayhem inflicted on a PC before. It managed in its short trip to absolutely destroy, the CPU, memory, video card, and motherboard.

I am a firm believer of getting the power cables zip tied and out of the way. The power cable to the CPU cooler was no exception, securely fastened to the case by zip ties, with just enough slack to make it act as a medieval morning star. I imagine it happily swinging around during its 2-day trip, with its sharp corners proudly dancing off the sensitive components. It literally carved pieces out of the motherboard like wood shavings from whittling. Every capacitor, chip, and heat sink in its path was sheered right off, which helped to make the box sound like a pair of maracas by the time it reached the customer.

I wonder if the manufacture should ship a warning, stating not to ship with the cooler installed. The other option would be to change how they are mounted from a clip to the 4-screw method, like other larger CPU coolers do.
oh man, that really sucks. I had thought about that with the glaciator being heavier than the lugs specs.
In theory it is suppose to adhere to the specs, but I guess not. My problem now is I can’t use these great CPU coolers for PCs I am shipping. I also don’t want to ship them separately, as I don’t expect my customers to try to put the cooler on correct.
sorry to hear about your missfortune, you might have to send the next system with HSF on the outside of the case and get the customer to fit it.