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OCZ PC3-10666 question

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New Member
Dec 31, 2009
Hey guys, I was wondering whether or not the OCZ Platinum Edition DDR3 1333Mhz Low Voltage Triple Channel is intel only? It says it's designed for the Core i7, I am building a pc that's am3 based... would it still work properly? First time building my own pc, so it might be a stupid question xD


Sep 26, 2001
Raleigh, NC
I'm running that ram on the rig in my sig and it runs fine at it's rated speed. I haven't been able to get it stable at 1600 yet but at its rated speed of 1333 It's currently running 6-7-6-22 1t with 1.8vdimm without issue, though I honestly have been conservative in pushing it so the voltage should be lower and subtimings tighter if I spent more time finessing it. I'm inclined to think they use some sort of micron chips on these but I wish I knew which ones so I'd know what voltage I could throw at them without them dying early.