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OCZ pc3200el platinum. curious.

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Oct 31, 2002
I have had two of these sticks for just over a month now on my nf7-s. they run in cas 2,2,2,5 np at 400 mhz at 2.7 volts. stock voltage errors it would seem but meh, got heat spreaders, nice looking heatspreaders. voltage wont kill it.

I havent really pushed these things too high. i relaxed the timings to 2-3-3-11 to see how high fsb it would go to, 230 seems to be about the cap for me, but at such loose timings...

I would love to collect some information from other people who have this memory as well. I have no idea how to tweak memory really so if anyone could give me some input, i would love it.

im not exactly sure where my system fails. i run 1.85 volts through the cpu which seems to get it up to 2400 np. but i try for 2500 and i get a restart half way through 3dmark.

217x12 doesnt seem to want to go for me, not sure if that is my cpu ceiling or a power related issue. more experimenting to come.


Feb 12, 2003
You can try upping your memory voltage to 2.8 or 2.9 to possibly do those timings at a higher FSB.
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