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Odd sound issue, 980Ti, and Win7

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Mar 12, 2002
So right now my PC is connected to my TV as its primary monitor. Its been setup this way for well over a year and up until I upgraded to my 980Ti I had no issues with letting the PC go to sleep and waking it back up again. Now once every few days when I wake my PC up I find that I have no sound, and I need to reboot. So I have 2 questions. 1, is there a way to reset this without rebooting? 2, does anyone have a suggestion as to why this might be happening/how to fix it?

Ok I found an answer to #1 disable and reenable the nVidia sound driver. Still Id love some insight on #2
I had the same problem with my 780TI/Auzentech Home Theater via HDMI. Close as I could figure out, when going through HDMI the sound card does not always detect a valid connection if the connection was lost while the system was on (shut as shutting the monitor or receiver down, or even going to sleep), and needs to reinitialize again. When I had my settings fixed, it would always come back up with no sound. When I set the HDMI signal to auto in the sound card settings, it now detects the connection upon starting back up. Audacity might also help, as everytime the program is started, it initializes all audio outputs, though it doesn't always work, and is nothing more then a work around.