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odd temps

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Mar 18, 2002
Olympia Washington
ok heres the setup
EPoX 8K5A2
XP 1600 (stable at 1850Mhz with a AX7)
512mb kingmax PC3200 DDR (2 x 256mb sticks)
Maze 3 water block
DD NB water block (there cool lookin 1's with the clear top)
a maxi jet 217gph pump
a super cube radiator w/ enermax 120mm fan (35min cfm 65max)
and a half gallon rez
now WHY does it say my cpu is @ 40C /104.9F
at default speed and vcore??!?!?!?!?!?!


Jun 11, 2002
I would suspect low flow rates also. You have two waterblock (cpu, nb) and a radiator. That setup probably has a large amount of resistance, and you have a smaller pump.

Faster flow would equal lower temps. Also, smaller tubing (3/8") would also cause higher resistance.

Like Intrepid said, check the flow, and make sure you are getting good contact between the waterblock and cpu (lapping, AS3).