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Oh dear, I think my backroom is about to lift off!

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Apr 25, 2001
Essex, UK
Today I finally got my 80mm Delta High Output through the post BUT it turned out to be a 60mm Delta! I rang up www.overclock.co.uk and told them about it. They unfortunately couldnt pay for freepost so they said keep it we will resend the 80mm fan! So I ripped off the Taisol 23cfm fan off my Duron rig and put on the 60mm Delta.

Here is a list of the fans in my room all running atm...

01...60 CM Coolmaster deskfan (Must be outputting well over 200cfm)
02...60mm YS-Tech on K6-2 475Mhz
03...80mm Evergreen Case fan in 475
04...80mm PSU Fan in 475
05...60mm Delta High Output in Athlon Rig
06...80mm Evergreen Case fan in Athlon Rig
07...80mm Evergreen Case fan in Athlon Rig
08...80mm Evergreen Case fan in Athlon Rig
09...80mm PSU Fan in Athlon Rig
10...ABit KT7A mobo northbridge fan
11...GeForce3 BLORB fan
12...60mm Delta High Output in Duron Rig
13...80mm Evergreen Case fan in Duron Rig
14...PSU Fan in Duron Rig
15...ABit KT7 Fan in Duron Rig
16...GeForce 256 DDR fan

There you go 16 FANS! Woohoo, its like enough to make me deaf!
Oh yeah just as a side note, I changed ISP today. Damn its so much faster! Got V90 support for my modem and the ping is like 50-60ms faster in Tribes2, wOoHoo!

I can't imagine the noise level. I'm running all mine at 7V just to be able to sit next to the thing.

Maybe if you move next an airport you won't notice the computer noise....LOL
I only have one word to say to you guys Silicone :)

It will keep the noise levels in check my Delts sits in my living room and since i'm running Seti 24\7 my PC is always on and when where watching TV you cant even hear the Delta.
now I know you are putting those machines to good use on either the Folding or Seti teams right?

I actually got sent my 80mm Delta today, this time it WASN'T a 60mm. Boy this thing is one heavy mofo! I just taken off my old 60mm and put the 80mm with a convertor. WOW, this thing really does output 68cfm! Unfortunately the side affect is that my computer sounds like a friggin vacuum cleaner!

Benchmarked temperature difference...

Load Seti for 10mins w/ 60mm Delta Blow ... 45ºC
Load Seti for 10mins w/ 80mm Delta Suck ... 43ºC
Load Seti for 10mins w/ 80mm Delta Blow ... 35ºC

Problem is now, ive noticed that my temps are going back up to the delta 60mm because case temp is getting REALLY high for my comp. Open case shows 37ºC with ambient at 26ºC. Hot eh? Oh well, looks like another 80mm case fan to sort this one out.
Ok, im 100% sure that my hsf has a c/w rating of below 0.20 now but my temps are still high. There is only one thing left, cpu to hsf contact. With the extra weight there is less pressure.

How can I ensure a better contact?
Is it worth getting a smaller hsf to decrease leverage?
And how many hsfs have pins to secure the hsf down like the Swiftech-462?

Thanks (Shouting! LOL)
You know those nice looking walls made out of glass blocks (in homes)? Tou might as well get several hundred more 80mms and make a wall of fans to section off your computer (study/work?) room. THAT'll be waaay cool...
cjtune (Aug 01, 2001 11:00 a.m.):
You know those nice looking walls made out of glass blocks (in homes)? Tou might as well get several hundred more 80mms and make a wall of fans to section off your computer (study/work?) room. THAT'll be waaay cool...

HAHAHAHAH LOL, LMAO! Yeah, its not that bad I can just about hear my jet plane in the garden :)
Ridenow (Jul 31, 2001 12:49 p.m.):
I wonder what that sounds like. When you get 120mm Sunons tell us.


2-120 Sunons through the radiator
4-80 Sunons across the drives (2 in, 2 out)
2-92 Sunons (1 rear exhaust, 1 blowing onto the waterblock not in this pic)
1 Blue Orb (Now on the video card instead of the chipset as in this pic)
and the PSU fan.

But I only run 2-3C over ambient under load (C2-600@945). I was running at 1008, but was getting errors in Prime95 so I backed it down to 945 again.