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Oh man, Multiplier hell!!!

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Dec 25, 2001
California (southern)
ok, here's the problem, I can change the multipliers in bios now. I don't understand why, but for some reason I go to 11.5 and it's fine (that's stock for my 1800+), but when I go to 12 it boots back up at 11... I can change the multipliers in the lower ranges (below 11.5), but it can't, for some reason go any higher. My board is the XP333-R, and I've got the voltage high enough to handle this... 1.95. I also don't understand why the multiplier seems off normally. I adjust it (even in the lower ranges), and it always seems a little off. not by a whole half a multiplier, and not by the round-off error produced by an unconsistant FSB, but like by a signifigant ammount. I think my unlock was clean, I can see no causes of error in my job... well, I'm gonna retry it, but I think it's fine. Any help is appreciated, thx.
I remember when the XP first came out there were a lot of reviews of people that unlocked them wrong. Almost every one of them had the same problems as you. I hope your unlock is removable, If so I'd redo it.
Just try it again and you should be fine.

For what its worth, I can change my BIOS multiplier all I want on my locked CPU and it will say that the multiplier changed...but it sure as crap doesn't overclock it. So I can move the multiplier all day, but the chip is still locked at 11x
Just a thought...
I can't get 11.5 to work. 11 and 12 works good, but when I go to 11.5 it stuck at 11 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Just clean off the bridges really well and try to unlock it again...obviously you got some overlap somewhere. Just give it another try.