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oh man

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Jul 14, 2002
Royal oak, Mi
well since my 9000 pro is dead i'm using a S3 Virge with 4 mgs ram, and the only way to run it with out Artifacts is to underclock it from 50/50 to 45/45. man i don't know how much longe i can take this.
My brother was using a 1mb video card until I sold him my old geforce 2mx 400.
C'mon, what type of overclocker are you. Go out, buy a phase change cooling setup, and overclock it to ti 4600 speeds. Problem solved.

Edit: W00ty w00ty w00ty w00ty w00t. 100 posts, now I can visit the new technical chat forum. And as a sort of confession, this post was kinda spam to get to 100. Though, since its a joke about overclocking, the mods are gonna let it stay...right?

PS: The above edit was also kinda a joke, so it kinda double confirms the staying of the post, right.

PSS: The above edit was kinda a joke too about how long I am drawing out this post...

PSSS: Above edit is a waste since it is just explaining the joke, and leads to this, which kinda makes an infinite cycle or something....I'm gonna leave now....