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OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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Feb 9, 2001
I have an FIC AZ11E. I was flashing the bios when the worst thing in the world that can happen while flashing, happened. THE DAMN COMP CRAPPED OUT ON ME!!!! Thats right, went into a deep freeze right in the middle of a bios flash. Now it won't boot, no nothing, nadda, zilch, zip. :( I am wondering if anyone knows how much a new bios chip will cost or if I should just buy a new mobo. I have been looking at a couple of MSI's, do you know if these are any good or should I look at something else. Thanks for your time. :(

P.S. I know this is a stupid question, but is there ANY way I can get the comp started to reflash it with the old bios? Thanks
ouch. i'm not sure if u can flash after you toast it, but i don't think so. If you call your mobo manufacturer hopefulluy the will mail you out a new bios chip pronto and you can slap it in and be on your way. They may charge you for it though.
alrity. Get a pen, and some paper, and alot of beer, this takes time. Call up FIC, and tell them u need a new BIOS chip for your AZ-11. They'll tell u if it's free or not. Tell them what happened, and they should send one out free. then remove your old bios chip. You CAN repair the old one, but i need to know something be4 you try: What type of bios chip?? Is it 4 sided? or 2 Sided? once i know this, i can help you more. After you call FIC, and let them know, and the new BIOS chip is in the mail, lemme know. Remove your old BIOS chip, and wait. Kepp the BIOS chip inna static bag, casue you CAN fix it. But i need to know how many sides of pins it has be4 i can help you. Post here after you've doen that. k?
Its a 4 sided one. the mobo is the FIC AZ11E, KT 133 chipset. Let me know if there is anything else you need to know. Thank you sooooooooooo much.
Oh yeah, I also called FIC, but I couldnt get a hold of anyone there, I am going to try again tomorrow, I did write them an email but we all know how good that is...LOL Got my pencil, paper and lots of beer. :) also have the chip pulled and ready to go. Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate it
okay, the procedure is called
first, get 2 peices of a fair distance of nylon fishing string. the next step is to thread them in between it in a X fashion, like this:
(email me for the pictures!)

[email protected]

make sure to put the thread in BETWEEN the pins!! Now once your new BIOS chip is in, make SURE that the fishing line isn't in the way of any pins, or you could destroy the actual chip... you use the 2 lines so you can remove all pins at the same time. First, boot into windows. Dont worry about BIOS settings, just set it all to AUTO for your drives. Now, once you've booted into windows, this is where the fun comes in. Get your bios flash prog ready. now for the BIOs chip. get your hands on those 4 ends. count to 3, and pull. Make suree all the pins come out at once!!!!! once the chip is out, get the old one. make sure you have all the pins lined up right, and push it in. Once the new chip is in, shut downb to DOS, and run the BIOS flash prog. once it's flashed, give your sys a reboot! it should now work! now you have a backup BIOS and an original. If it doesnt work, oh well!! you have a new BIOS chip!! now this is where that beer come in handy: you need to down as much you can, then pass out, but dont swallow your tounge!! :D :)
no seriously, be really careful doing this. good luck!! BTW, the MSI K7T Turbo is lookin' really REALLY good!!!