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oh what a fan can do.......

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Mar 3, 2001
Hamilton, Ontario
earlier today i was at my friends house, he said that if i could show him the basics of linux, that he would give me 2 64mb sticks of ram, so i did, and he did, when i opened up my tower to put the sticks in, i saw something that i hadn't took notice of before, i saw that just under the powersupply at the back of my tower there was a place for a secondary cooling fan so i took a fan from an old powersupply and rigged it up, then just to kill some time and to see what would happen, i decided to rig a fan on both the left and right sides of my tower at the top, the one at the top is an exaust fan, expelling the hot air, the left and right side fans are both intakes, and the one at the back i set up to be another exaust, and man, i got an almost 15-17c drop on the inside of my case, didn't cost me nothing, just 4 old powersupply fans and about an hour and a half.
I totaly agree with you.
As i opened a little my tower (just 1cm), i lost 5 °C !!!
PS: sorry for my english...
Good case cooling can't be stressed enough, and you can see why. I updated the fans in my server case to higher volume fans and improved good case cooling to even better case cooling. I already had 3 fans in place and got a 5 degree improvement just from the volume increase. I stay within 1 degree of room ambient even under heavy load with a dual cpu overclocked machine with 5 hot HDDs in it.
hey nice deal. Yep, good cooling is everything. Just remember for optimum cooling, the air in must equal the air out. And with that new super cooled pc, you should run Folding@home for the overclockers team. we need more members to fold proteins and help get us to the top of the world. We are a great group of people doing a great thing(better than SETI, although SETI is sexier). Check my sig for info.