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Oh wow, I got the A7V100 stable at 119Mhz!

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Dec 18, 2000
Hey, I'm the same guy that startd the 113Mhz topic. I am now able to run 3DMark with a fsb of 119Mhz completely stable (exept for a driver conflict on the texture benchmark, but that doesn't even work at 100Mhz). This really surprised me. I could do work at 120Mhz but stressful benchmarks would eventually lock up. I was able to get into windows at 124Mhz but I couldn't really do anything useful. I was able to post at 126Mhz but it would lock up in BIOS.

This is a rather passive amount of cooling. I aimed a fan at the heatsink on the northbridge (the green anodized one, right?) and had a really small fan pulling out ambient heat. The CPU is watercooled, but that doesn't matter since I was only using a 5x multiplier (though at 119Mhz it's running 595Mhz). My RAM will run 145Mhz @ Cas 2-2-2-5 so I know it's not limiting anything running at 119. I'm not using any PCI cards during this test. The I/O voltage is at the highest setting I know of (ie- the one just above default).

At first this was just a test of curiosity, but now I believe that with a little mod'ing I might actually be able to hit 133Mhz with this A7V! I didn't think of lapping the northbridge heatsink, but that's a really cool idea. For some reason my Clock Generator isn't even warm... of coarse it allows changing the fsb all the way from 100 to 140+ in 1Mhz increments, so I'm guessing it's newer than previous A7V's. I'm also going to put some better fans in there to get some more heat out, even though I always run my cse without the cover anyway.

I'd be happy to take any suggestions on ways to get that last little bit of speed out of the fsb. Now I really want to hit 133Mhz. This is a normal A7V revision 1.04 with the latest bios (this isn't an A7V133). I might stick my aluminum waterblobk on the NorthBridge just to see what happens. :) Now I just need a window Air Conditioner and some duct tape. LoL.