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Ok cheap rams sucks

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Feb 5, 2002
I just bought anther stick of 256 pc2100 (cheap ram)

my computer is now slower
because before i was running 1 stick at Cas latency of 2.0 turbo
the new stick is crashing my system every time i set it to manual latency (normal 2.0 2.5 turbo 2.0 2.5 )

the new stick hates those settings so i am taking it back and going to get some real ram.

i have a A7n266-e board that supports u to pc2100 ddr ram
and no overclocking features as far as the ram goes the only feature i can choose is the Cas latency

my question is what are some good 256 sticks with a low latency 2.0 for example ( ones that will crunch with no problems and like the low settings)?
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Allways a little risky getting cheap stuff.
But looking at ur sig. i can tell that ur probably used to bad performance ;)

Have two sticks of pc100 ram that does 133 cas 2 btw, thats kinda lucky :burn:
I had bought some 256 sticks for my a7m266 a while back that would only do 129fsb at default settings. After that, I learned never to trust cheap ram. I now have a couple of 256ers of pc2400 from corsair that work wonderfully at cas2 turbo. Crucial is another wonderful brand that people always have success with.
wellll i took it back and just kept the one stick that will do CL2

at 172 fsb

guess what the stick is samsung it seems to be great stuff i am having no problems what so ever running at my speeds