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ok guys post ya temps of cpu,s

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sally211 (Apr 06, 2001 10:24 p.m.):
so we can get a high n low temps over all im at 49 idle

AMD 1.33/266 (green core)
Tested on an Abit KT7A/Alpha PAL6035w/a Delta fan
VIA Hardware results:

Idle: CPU 29C
Load: CPU 42C
Ambient: 70F

Duron 600 @ 1096 2.00Vcore 35C idle / 38C p95
Tbird 1000 @ 1466 1.85Vcore 21C idle / 39C p95

49c Idle is too hot Get that VIA Mod from OC/ATHLON.

Set that eb code and watch that idle temp drop.

1.2 at 1.43 47c fully loaded
Duron 700@978MHz:

Idle: around 35C

Full Load: 52C

Arctic Silver2 and lapping gear is on it's way....
while running at 1.4 ghz and 164 bus at 1.93 vcore and using a taisol 80 x 60 heatsink with a 80mm 42 cfm fan and silicon paste and an average room temp of 75 degrees F here are my temps. NOTE: I am an American so all my temps are in F :)
Running in windows at idle = 105 F
Gaming for hours (full load and then some) = 125 F Max
duron 800@967 :( 149 fsb :(
i got stock heatsink+case fan and artic silver
idle 48-51
load 51-53
t-bird 900 @ 1008 (kt7a) stock hsf lapped, arctic silver, 128 megs crucial cas 2, radeon 64 meg ddr, sb 512, maxtor 40 gig hd (removable with cooling) idle's at 31 full load 44-51c
DURON 600 @ 1100MHz A7V = 55C load FOP 32 two case fans
DURON 600 @ 1130MHz 133 *8.5 A7V133 = 52 load FOP 32 four case fans, modified case
Abit KT7A-Raid
T-Bird 1333/266@1553(AXIA)
1.88 vcore
35C idle
43C load
T Bird 950 Blue Core @ 1200 (133FSB) @ 2.11 volts !
FOP38 lapped with artic silver
and over 235 CFM of oneway airflow in case !
room temp 71F - 22C
idel = 80F - 28C
full load = 107F - 42C

cant wait till i get my new heatsink !