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OK here is a graph of amd's stock for the past 3 years. Geezus it terrible

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yea, notice how incredibly similar they are. The only difference is the actual numbers. the % loss is about the same....except it seems that AMD had a jump for the XP release, i'm assuming at least....too bad the economy sucks.

Anyway, i've started to watch the stock, and it's on the rise. I'm by no means an investor of any measure, but considering it was probably at rock bottom last week (3.49) and it is now at 6.05, I would say that now would be a good time to buy. Actually, last week was an excellent time to buy...but I would definately purchase before any of the hammer cores are released.

On another note, Cray has decided to use the Operton chips in their next supercomputer....appx. 10,000 of them. I'm assuming that is the reason for the recent jump from 3.5 to 6....looks like it according to the graph of the past week.

Maybe in a week when the supercomputer news wares off it might go down a bit....Anyway, if your going to buy AMD stock, I would buy soon. 3.49 was dirt cheap...and even 6.05 is damn cheap for stock in a company like this.

Remember, I am NOT a stock analyst...i've never invested money in the market, and i never usually pay attention to the economy. Do not take this as advice, it is merely my opinion...