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OK, I am really freaked out.

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Apr 22, 2002
West Virginia
Title says it all.

First, a couple of days ago, I had a 3 min WU.

Now this:

I just had 10 WU dumped in my NAME to MY PRIVATE SETIQUEUE server using one of MY COMPUTERS NAMES! This same thing happened last night too.

The WU that were just dumped are all legit and (unique AR and different filenames), and to make this situation even worse, are completed in times similar to mine. I just checked my router, and cant find any suspicious accessing in the Incoming access log. I also HAVE NOT added any new computers to my *growing* farm, so it cant be that.

If any of you can help, please do so!

I can, and if neccessary, screenshots. Please help me on this.
the 3 min WU was one time thing. Happened once. Never again. My dually is more stable overclocked than my single is at stock - go figure. As I have said before, I have never had a crash from Prime95 or such using my dually, and at 1 MHz over Bus Speed my single crashes.

The recent WUs are all 3.25 hours+.

That is the part freaking me out. As well as the accessing of my private INTERNAL NETWORK SETIQUEUE server, using my computer's names - you get the point (I hope).
Are you running any kind of firewall?
I am assuming you are on a 24/7 internet connection....

Is it possible that one of your pcs is cacheing and dumping them to the SetiQ?
No internal firewall, I do have a router though (like it really helps).

Yes, 24/7 Internet Connection.

My PCs should not be caching, as they do not have an caching software on them (cept for the one running SETIQUEUE).

I did have a theory, but since this started yesterday, I kinda threw it out.


I backed up the SetiQueue folder and then moved to the computer it is currently running on. The computer that it was on was repartioned and reformated (to cut some of the fat).

On Nov 5, when everyone was having problems, I thought my SetiQueue had messed up, so I deleted the folder and copied the backup I had made 2 hours earlier to the HD.

Kicker-Nov 6-8, SetiQueue functioned normally, so my theory kinda died.

The only thing I can think of is someone dumping them from somewhere else.
That does sound weird....

I would suggest some kind of software firewall anyway: it wouldn't keep a determined hacker out, but should keep pretty much any script kiddie from getting in.

I use ZoneAlarm (free version) and think it works pretty good:)
hmmm...that is weird. What OS is your Q on? If its on XP or ME maybe it did a system restore automatically???

Tiny personal firewall works good too
also, make sure you change the default password on your router. If you leave it the same, anyone can just go in and change stuff around...
OS is 2K. Ill see how ZA works, and if it doesnt do the job, may the SETI god please save me :).

Stupid me! I never really thought of changing the router password :eek:. I just changed the password. Hopefully all this new stuff works :).
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That is off, and has been off since I've had the router. If it happens again even with ZoneAlarm up, then I guess it is coming from one of my computers.
Well guys and gals, I figured it out.

It is coming from the computer that has SetiQueue on it.

It seems to happen when I restart my computer and Seti Queue... I just restarted it (had 16 WU before the restart) and when it came back up BAM! I have 26 WU! The extra 10 are exactly the same as last time.

Yeah Im glad too... I backed up the WU I had completed today (obviously minus the illegitimate WUs), deleted SetiQueue, and did a fresh reinstall of it, and then put the WU back in the client folder.... should be working fine now, and it took all of 2 minutes to set back up