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OK, I broke down and bought the MSI NVIDIA MX-400 64mb AGP

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Big Daddy Bear Senior
May 16, 2001
Denver, CO
I am not a gamer by no means, but this thing was on sale for $79.00USD. I could not pass up the opurtunity to upgrade my little TNT-2. I did not mods or tweaks and got 4420 on 3-dmark 2000. I can't seem to get 2001 to instal. Damn little gremlins that seem to roam around on here. I am gonna clock the crap out of this card and see what happens. But I do have a few questions since I am clueless about gaming.

Did I pick a good card?
Is this a good score?
How do I get the results from Quake3 demo? It ran beautifully.

Seems like I am a virgin again on this board..lol
After some tweaking my new score is 6060. I think this is good!! I am now running this thing at 206 memory clock, 226 core clock. I just wish I could get 2001 to work.
i had trouble with 2001 at first.if you got it in zipped files run winzip again,it corrected the missing file error i got at first.
as for the card ,i paid more for my nvida 2mx 32mb,so yeah you got some bang for your buck.imo you woud have to pay 4x that for a better card.
Got it to work in Quake-3, score was 140.2 fps. Is this good? Also I cannot find 3-d Mark in a zip file. It seems that .exe are all corrupted.
el (Jul 10, 2001 02:11 p.m.):
sounds nice

why didn't you wait for the G3MX?

It took an act of god for me to even get this one. I had to promise to work on the guys car at the computer store to get it at this price ($80). I am not really a gamer, so the fancy cards are not that appealing to me. I would rather spend the money on more cooling. My desire for 1.6ghz is around the corner!! I was just harassed by all my friends to get a decent card since my computer is faster then theirs..haha. This one will last me for awhile.